Turn your smartphone into Baby monitor

The advanced technology has proven itself as a boon to the people. The technology can be applied in daily lifestyle.  In this era, parents can use their cell phones as baby monitor. Want to take care of your baby? Samsung and Micromax have introduced cell phones which can install applications that will ping you whenever […]

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Smartphone

Choosing a smartphone that meets your requirements and fits in your budget isn’t an easy task. Your friends will suggest you something while online ads will tell you something else, thereby causing unnecessary confusion. In such cases, it’s important that you ask certain questions before investing on a smartphone. Following section will brief you few […]

How to Know Who is A Phone Number

Today there is an unimaginable number of phones and landlines and, therefore, it is not strange that we get a call or a message, either SMS or WhatsApp, a number that we do not have registered and we do not know who it is. Many times we do not hear the call but others simply […]

Buying a refurbished phone

There are many smartphones in the market as the present era is of this device only. However, one must note that in the smartphone world, the leading brand and device is Apple and its product iPhone. There are endless features these phones are provided with, and hence among the smartphone lovers, it is the preferred […]

How to Make Post Production as Smooth as Possible

If you’re ever been on the rough side of video editing, then you’ve probably been wishing for something to come along to help. Something making video editing easier than ever before. Let’s be honest—most of the issues don’t come into production calls or finding which clips to snip. It comes into the actual software application […]

How Adobe Creative Suite 4 stands out?

The amazing Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium package is built for print and Web page designers, animators, and graphics professionals. The Key components which can be easily review on http://atozfiles.com website include the updated InDesign for print, Dreamweaver and Fireworks for dynamic Web design, Flash for animation, plus Photoshop and Illustrator for pixel and […]