Comparing GoDaddy and HostGator Web Hosting

With the increased use of multimedia content like videos and photos, the appetite for more storage is pretty insatiable today. And that’s what makes the idea of unlimited storage so appealing to many website owners – many sites today need all the space they can get. But, what really is unlimited storage in Web Hosting? […]

Things to consider when opting for Dedicated Hosting Server

On the off chance that you have chosen to change to dedicated hosting server facilitating, at that point this must be your facilitating prerequisites and database has become excessively bigger for standard facilitating. Changing to dedicated server facilitating may seem like exchanging information starting with one framework then onto the next, yet it isn’t that […]

How to Get Rid of GPU Games’Lags and Freezes

Ever sat at your PC, happily playing a game only for it to start lagging for no reason whatsoever? You could be ploughing your way through some enemies and put yourself on a fantastic winning streak only for the entire game to seize up, causing an agonising moment of frustration. Doesn’t matter if you’re on […]

Surveillance Software Targets Android Mobiles

A “very advanced” monitoring software that has been active since 2014 could spy on Android-equipped devices by activating various features such as audio recording, according to a statement from the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, published Tuesday. According to the Russian company this software, nicknamed Skygofree, spreads via fake websites resembling those of the main mobile […]

Facebook will Highlight Local News

Facebook will make local information more visible on the news feed of its users, first in the United States and then in other countries, a new version of its actions intended to limit misinformation and divisions within the company. “Local information helps to create a community, on the internet and in life,” Facebook boss Mark […]

How to hike the number of Instagram likes?

Instagram is one platform where a person can make a glorious brand through their regular uploads and other pertaining activities. One may get huge range of followers within limited time at such sites. It is an easy way to high lighten personal and official image with the help of such social sites. However, everyone is […]