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3 Important Post-Production Tips to Edit Videos for Social Media

3 Important Post-Production Tips to Edit Videos for Social Media

Editing videos for social media will enable you to produce impressive and professional-looking content that really stands out. But do you know what areas you need to focus on to pull that off?

While there are many potential ways that you could improve your social media videos during post-production, the following tips are important – as they will have a big impact on how your video turns out:

  • Always color correct your video footage

Few things turn off viewers as quickly as social media videos that have color balance issues. While it is best to make sure the color balance is good when the videos are recorded – you should make it a point to tweak it during post-production.

Color correcting your video footage will make it look a lot more appealing. On top of that it will ensure that the colors in the different pieces of footage that you join together to create your video are more consistent.

In general it is the first step that you should take when you edit videos for social media – due to the impact it can have.

Videos for Social Media

 Try not to use jump cuts unless you have no other option

Jump cuts are a popular type of cut in social media videos. By removing parts of clips they allow the video to move forward at a faster pace.

Unfortunately jump cuts can be very jarring and distract viewers because the subject (and other elements) will suddenly seem to shift position. That is definitely not what you want, and as such you should try not to use them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Instead of using a jump cut you could insert a short cutaway. Or you could make it a point to record in 4k so that you can reframe one of the clips significantly and make its composition different.

  • Add in subtitles and captions

Significant numbers of social media users watch videos on mute nowadays. Some social media platforms mute videos by default until they are clicked on, as do certain browsers.

That is why adding in subtitles and captions can be very useful. It will let you deliver your video’s message effectively – without relying solely on the voiceover.

The goal should be for viewers to be able to watch, follow, and understand your video content even if they don’t hear any of the audio at all.

To start editing your videos more easily you could try using Movavi Video Editor. With its help you can learn how to cut a video, add in background music or a voiceover, enhance its overall quality, fix various issues, and even apply effects and filters, or add in customizable text elements.

By editing your videos using the post-production tips listed above, you can ensure that they have a far greater impact once you publish them on social media. In addition to attracting more viewers, your videos should be able to engage them much more effectively – which in turn will allow you to fulfill your goals more easily.

Written by Alice Walker