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3 WaysTo Get Spotify Plays

3 WaysTo Get Spotify Plays

As a Spotify artists you should always be looking for new ways to gain fans and increase the number of plays that you receive each month. Why? For starters, your monthly earnings from royalties depends on it! That’s right, if you want to start earning decent monthly revenue from Spotify the key is to get more people listening to your music. Now as an artist chances are you really do not want to be bothered with promoting your music since you would rather be playing it. Am I wrong?

It really doesn’t matter what the subject is because marketing is marketing, regardless if it’s for music or any other business. Marketing particularly for musicians can become rather expensive as well, which is a whole other problem if you are an artist working with a small marketing budget. Artist need to be careful with their marketing plans as well because the goal is obviously to get more people to appreciate your music and turn a profit at the same time. But if you’re using an ineffective marketing strategy or one that becomes too expensive then earnings will be minimal at best.

This article is meant to help Spotify artist think more creatively about their marketing efforts to continuously increase the number of Spotify plays received month after month. Let’s discuss a few different ways to get more plays on Spotify.


Social Media Promotion

If you don’t already have social profiles created for your band or personal artist page make that a priority. Particularly if you don’t already have a profile setup on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These three social networks are the most effective for promoting music and events. Unfortunately just having these pages is not enough to send a ton of new listeners to play your music on Spotify. The whole point of social media is to be able to network and connect with people. It’s imperative that you or someone representing you stays active on social media posting on these pages daily.

Daily posts and updates will not only keep people interested, but is far more likely to attract new people to listen to your music. Keep in mind that if you do all this yourself it’s completely free! That’s right, you can gain a ton of Spotify plays by simply reaching out to your fans and letting them know what you have been up to day to day.

Social Exchanges

There are plenty of social media groups available for the purpose of Spotify artists helping each other out. The general concept of an exchange is tit for tat, or an equal exchange between artists. For instance, if you follow and play my music on Spotify I will do the same for you. Granted this is a slow approach for getting more Spotify plays, but it’s still a place to start if you don’t have a better alternative, especially if you are still working towards becoming a verified artist. Facebook has the greatest number of these groups with active members.

Buy Spotify Plays

Yes, you can actually forgo jumping through a bunch of hoops to get Spotify plays. But be careful when selecting a promotion company to work with because unfortunately there are quite a few that do provide cheap bot plays. I suggest using for getting more plays on Spotify. I have setup several campaigns with this company and they have always delivered everything as promised, which included plays from listeners in the United States that provided royalties.

Growing an audience on Spotify may seem like an uphill battle at times. The key is to keep at it month after month and to continue being creative & proactive about putting your music in front of new people. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your fans for help, particularly on social media. Utilize your fan base to share your music and you’ll start receiving more plays on your Spotify tracks in no time!

Written by Alice Walker