Today, the business market is very competitive and requires one to be at par with the unending technological trends. It is the primary goal for every entrepreneur to grow and promote their brand by creating enough traffic on their sites. Most people today have smartphones that are the to-go-to gadgets in their everyday lives as they can access various websites to get information as well as purchase products. Upon realization of this, most business owners have invested more into marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn among others in order to reach their potential customers.

Let’s face it; most of us do not last more than 3-5 minutes watching a business advert while streaming online. This means that the business owners should, therefore, learn on various ways on how to compress video in order to ensure that they get as many views as possible. How then can video compression benefit your business?

  1. Reduced Storage

Video compression essentially results in the reduction of the space that the initial video would otherwise take. How long or short your video is will consequently affect the amount you will be charged on having your video streamlined on various channels. Alongside other operational business costs, the business also incurs some costs on the streamlining video platforms hence the need for compressing the videos. The lesser the storage, the lesser the storage costs and vice versa.

  1. Less Buffering

While streaming a video online, buffering is the least things that you want as it can be very irritating to the point of one closing the whole video without watching it. Thanks to video compression that enables faster speeds and reduced bandwidths. Uncompressed files contain higher bits as compared to the compressed ones, meaning that it would take up less bandwidth to access the compressed videos. Consequently, clients will be able to access your videos much quicker as it takes a short time to load and start playing.

  1. Increased Traffic

When it comes to clients accessing your videos online, they demand quality content. The moment potential clients realize that whatever you are displaying for them is of importance to them; they will most definitely want to engage more and get to understand exactly what the business is about. As mentioned earlier, video compression ensures that clients can watch your videos at low bandwidths and faster speeds. With that in mind, the traffic on your page is bound to increase hence generating more sales for your business.

  1. Improved Credibility

For clients to trust and be loyal to your company, you have to ensure that your business is credible. As a business, you will always face resistance from your competitors who might do anything possible to sabotage your data. Uncompressed files are at a higher risk of being corrupted as opposed to the compressed files. To maintain the integrity and uniqueness of your business, ensure that you compress your videos before making them accessible online.