There are literally dozens of app building platforms that developers can use these days that really do not have to cost a ton of money. However, in a very competitive market, just which of them are the best? The answer wills obviously depend on what your own needs and requirements will be from your app-building platform as these will vary from each project taken on.

We will show you five of our favourites and let you guys debate whether we are right with our selection! Of course, everybody will have their opinions and each platform will have its pros and cons.

Check them out!


We kick off the list with Syclo, the mobile application building platform that initially specialized in enterprise asset management and field service. It has since expanded to allow its platform to allow for all mobile OSes as well but t is definitely EAM and field-based where it really stands out. This application is already a very popular choice for creating B2E and B2C applications.


Most of you would have heard of the TheAppBuilder, one of the world’s leading enterprise mobile app platforms and it is little surprise with some high-end clients such as Heathrow Airport. This popular mobile development tool incorporates build modes that allow for the creation of employee apps and outward-facing software.


If you are looking for an app building platform that specializes in creating lightweight native client-side applications – then Verivo should be considered. It is known to be a strong choice because it is able to support a wide variety of different devices and platforms.


You might have heard that earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Xamarin, a successful mobile app development platform.  Those who choose this platform can easily use C# to develop native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. One of the best features about this platform is that real-time data concerning users and sessions can be accessed via its dashboard. is another popular mobile app development platform that is used by some big names such as ESPN, Samsung and AT&T. The platform is completely cloud-based and it uses some powerful development tools and integrated backend services to provide an app building tool that definitely competes with the best of them.

Streaming Software

Streaming has become incredibly popular as of late. In Germany, there has been a big question over the legality of some streaming sites with the question istserienstream to legal? The answer is yes as long as the app developer has been given or gained the proper rights and royalties are being passed over to the producers of movies and series as well as documentaries that are being used by the stream app software.

We have not mentioned a particular app because there are so many out there to choose from. Netflix is one of the most popular of course, but you also have HBO and other apps that allow streaming. To access these you can visit serienstream to and get more information on how to access these apps as well as stream online from your laptop using software that will give you a new IP address.

Even if you do not agree with our list, we are pretty sure that you will agree that we are all spoiled by the amount of choice that we have for developing mobile apps. Mobile app building platforms and tools are developing and evolving at a massive rate – so we can only look forward to even more intuitive software in the future!