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8 Top User Experience Design Tips You Should Know About

8 Top User Experience Design Tips You Should Know About

The success of any app is largely dependent on how great of an experience the users have with it. Apps that are easy to use will inevitably be more successful than those that are too complicated.  And in this post, we will be looking at eight top user experience design tips that you should always keep in mind when designing an app.

Use Of Color

Color will play a huge role in determining how users feel about a mobile or web app. If you use colors that are in harmony with each other, then the user will have a great time using the app. However, if the colors are too bold and don’t go well with each other, then the user is likely to feel frustrated. So, use warm, bright colors that give off an impression of hope and playfulness. Plus, you can also provide an option to render the app in color neutral format so that colorblind people will also be able to use it easily. When hiring a UX design agency, be sure to talk about this with them.


When a user visits your app, it will be with the purpose of obtaining some information from it. As such, you have to ensure that the navigation of the app is designed in such a way that all users can easily find the information they are looking for without facing any difficulty. In contrast, if the user faces great trouble navigating through the app and in the end don’t even get the information they are looking for, then they will likely never use your app again. As a rule of thumb, you should always design the navigation in a way that users are quickly able to know which section they are on in an app and go back to a previous section quickly should they choose to.


When using buttons on an app, make sure that it has sufficient space around it. If a specific button is too close to the other buttons, then the user can end up accidentally clicking those other buttons. And if they face such an issue all through the app, then they will inevitably feel irritated. But by putting adequate space between the buttons and other elements, you can resolve the issue. Plus, buttons must be placed on easily reachable areas of the screen. And if there are buttons which delete or change any data of the user when pressed ensure that the user has to put in more effort to commit the action so as to prevent the button from being accidentally clicked.


If you use links inside any text content, be sure to highlight the link using a different color. Just an underline on the link is not sufficient. In addition, the link must give a good idea about the kind of information the page will contain. For example, a link for the phrase ‘Avengers Infinity War’ lets the user know immediately that the link will take them to a page that will contain more info about the movie. In contrast, a link for the phrase ‘right now’ gives the user no clue as to what the resulting page will be. And when users are quickly looking through the app for a specific piece of information, such vague links can cause quite a lot of frustration for them.

Fonts Used

Fonts will also have a big impact on creating a smooth user experience. Generally, a user won’t read through all the text content when they first see it. Instead, they quickly scan through it and then read only the portion that they find interesting. The fonts used in the app must be very easy on the eyes so that a user can easily do a quick scan and get a grasp of the content. If the font used is too elaborate and complicated, then the user will have to spend more time looking at the content to make sense of it. And for many people, this can be an unpleasant experience.


An important part of user experience is the loading time of the web app. If the app takes too long to load, then the user is likely to feel frustrated. This is why it is very important to ensure that the app loads very fast. All text content must load before any images so that the user can at least start reading the content while the pictures are loading. So, talk with the app development team to optimize the code of the app and provide strict instructions to give priority for quick loading time when designing the app.

Get Third Party Opinions

Sometimes, you may be too focused on the design of the app that you might eventually find it the ‘best’. This is dangerous. Such a thought will block you from ever improving the app. This is the mostly the result of judging the user experience of the app only based on your personal experience. As such, it is a very limiting view. This is why it is important to get third-party opinions about the UX of the app right from the development stage itself. Let your employees, friends, etc. use a beta version of the app and ask them for a feedback. Tabulate the results from the feedback and you should get a pretty balanced picture of how the user experience of your app truly is. Then the only thing left to do to perfect the UX of the app is to resolve the negatives outlined in the results.

In addition to the above, the user experience of an app is also influenced by how creative you are. Just because a navigation or link has been presented in a specific style for many years by apps all over the world does not mean that you should imitate it. Try out a new navigation style, and maybe you will come up with something far better. So, be creative and explore new ways to make the UX of an app better for the user.

Written by Alice Walker