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The journey from video games to other platforms!

A Childhood everyone would be envious of!

Forget about the world for a second. Just look back at your life. Try to recollect any fond memories of your childhood memories you might have. Most of us have those fond vivid memories of staying indoors during the hot summer holidays and whiling away our times playing the most lovable and enjoyable game, Mario or Super Mario as we all know it.

What is the game all about: The game when it started off was designed to take the user through a ride through a mixture of a fairytale love story and an adventurous joyride.  Though these games were restricted to the video game console as kids, the game soon spread its wings into the computer games world owing to the immense popularity of the game. The game centrally revolves around the aspect of setting out on a long adventurous journey, overcoming the odds, killing goons on the way and finally rescuing your on screen love. The way the situations have been pinned up is what keeps the excitement levels high.


The roots of the game:  juegos de Mario or simply super Mario is a Spanish game, developed by the Spanish people. Although it was thought to be started in the year 1970, however with the improvement in technology and better graphics coming into the market, the game got even better with every single passing day. Needless to say, much to the rejoice of the fans. The makers of the game had launched a single variant of the game and due to the demand and the servers being overloaded with requests to add new levels; various new varieties of the game have been launched, with the current number standing at 10.

The reception by the people: Juegos de Mario became a household name for the people globally with kids and grown-ups alike playing the game in their free time. This aspect seemed to be catching up with people everywhere and there have been several requests for the online version to be launched too. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the game. People had almost started to play the game just whenever and wherever possible.

The steps taken by the makers: The makers on their part had shown immense regard and respect to the gamers’ wishes and took all the possible measures to make the game an even more pleasurable and enjoyable experience for the people. This approach of theirs makes them stand out when compared to the makers of other games.

Written by Alice Walker