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Advanced cyber attacks can be prevented through advanced cyber security solutions

Advanced cyber attacks can be prevented through advanced cyber security solutions

Nowadays, our dependence has grown manifold on digital media specifically on computers; mobiles and these all are connected through the internet to the outside world. These devices are being used to create, maintain and share information.  Starts from maintaining records to communicating via email, online shopping and payment and so on. However, all the important data stored on computers are extremely prone to vulnerable attacks like credit card fraud, attack of viruses which will ruin your system, hacking of system and much more. And concerning all the above it is eminent to protect your computer and data from such damages.

In early years, there was no full proof protection was available to stop such attacks and due to such actions several companies faced the tag of shutting down. But, now this is no more a matter of concern. Although there is still no technology has been developed to provide 100 % Cyber security but companies are continuously trying their best to come out with a feasible solution. And the experts at Blue Coat system are putting their complete effort. After the acquisition of Blue Coat by Symantec Corporation, much better solutions are expected in near future.


What can be expected from this acquisition?

Blue coat Systems is the market leader in Web Security with integrated technologies performing as a trusted place to deliver the Cloud Generation safety and security to approximately 15,000 customers worldwide. And after being merged with Symantec, the expectation becomes double. Let us have a look that what better a customer can expect:

  1. Providing more security against cyber crime, with best-in-breed assurance, detection, and complete remedy till the end, email, the web, network, and servers.
  2. Help organizations for a safe understanding of cloud. Symantec will have the capacity to convey security for the cloud era of clients, information, and applications, for the cloud, from the cloud, and to the cloud. The organization’s major data loss prohibition capabilities will be will be connected at the web intermediary and to more than 12,000 cloud applications.
  3. A much better Investment will be figured out for cyber R&D and threat research.

A symbiotic merger

After the acquisition of Blue Coat by Symantec Corporation, all the products of the former company will be added to the database of the later one which will help you customers achieving everything under one roof. This is the benefit Symantec will get after the merger. On the other hand, the Symantec will get rewards in cyber security space as selling the Veritas this year; they were left only with organization and Consumer Security segments. Thus by acquiring the Blue coat systems, the Symantec will have much more solutions with several made to use products available.

Presently, each and every customer wants to continue with fewer contractors but with more benefits. As it saves them from several hassles. And in such scenario, if they can achieve all the preventive solutions against cyber crime, the biggest threat to cyber security. At Symantec, then nothing can be better than this.

Written by Alice Walker