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Advantages of Online Time Tracking

Advantages of Online Time Tracking

Time Tracking is a procedure that works online which helps track of each hour that employees spend on work and also keeps a track of project work, schedule of employees, their shifts, break time, leaves and so on. Basically, time clock software is a tool that can help in business and employee management, thereby increasing the productivity of the organization.

The online time tracking has multiple advantages and is equally important and beneficial for employers as well as staff.

free time clock tips The different ways an online time tracking system help employers

Team check: The best benefit is to see to it that employees are spending time on work so that deadlines can be met and projects can be completed well on time. This can help prevent procrastination of work and also help employees to prioritise important work. It will also help you know who are putting in the right effort and who are not.

Get the right estimates: When you bill a client for a task completed, many a times they are doubtful as to if the payment is deserving or not. At such times, the online time clock software tracking system can work. You can show the record as to how much time a certain task took up, thereby also making them aware of the efforts taken. This can also help you present the right estimates for your job, and you can present a better quote to the clients.

Payroll reports can be made on time and accurately:  The system records the number of hours spent on work and the payment for the same time. Thus all you have to do is print it out, so you save time and efforts on something that at times leave both the employers and employees baffled.

Manage shifts: There are companies where employees work in shifts. In such a set up, online time tracking can be of huge help to know which employees are working on which shifts and also if one of them takes a leave for the day, the managers can quickly fill the slot with some others without having to wait.

It is a winning situation for employees as well

It is not that the online time tracking system will benefit only employers. In fact, it is one of the best tools for employees as they get to manage their schedules, work hours and their projects on their own. There will be no one to instruct orders all the time. They will be able to know how much they are spending doing on different kinds of work. This will help them manage their time better as they will know which work takes more time and where time goes waste. They can also inform managers about the same and ask for extra time to complete a project or take on additional work in case a certain task is completed well before time.

Thus, the system makes employees feel an ownership to what they are doing and to the company and motivates them to put their best foot forward.

Written by Alice Walker