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All You Need To Know About Lie Detection

All You Need To Know About Lie Detection

Ancient times had rather unique ways of getting out the truth or so prove it. It was left in the hands of god for the person who underwent crude and often fatal methods employed to prove their truthfulness. If they survived the ordeal and intact they were termed righteous.  But this was so dangerous way, that many lost limb or life for a small lie or many being innocent. Every region or country had its own unique way that was devised to reveal the truth. Right from walking on a river and survive drowning or made to drink various queer concoctions that may cause symptoms on the body of the victim to determine whether they are guilty or not. These methods were devised by the advisors to the king or the priest or any witch doctor. Many agencies use lie detector tests. Visit to know more.

As times changed laws were put in place, there were agencies who would investigate and follow a proper method of collecting corroborated proof to give justice. It has to be noted that lie detection tests are not only used by law enforcement agencies but also people in relationships. This when one of the spouses is cheating on the other, there are times when the infidel partner hides his relationship status which might cause a turmoil in the marriage. Certain financial dealings of profit or downturn hidden from the other spouse leads to complications in the relationships and this may lead to a lot of lies and hiding the actual truth.


Many people partners, married couples may resort to lie detection tests to know what actually goes into their partner’s mind. Sometimes private investigators may present you the proof, but why the relation turned sour and why it had to be this way can be only answered through these tests.

Lie detector tests have long been used for security crimes and personal affairs and they have to some extent some kind of relief to the concerned parties. This method of investigation is always not used but when used many matters have to be considered and hence it also comes under scrutiny many a times. But the best judge is to use it as a part of the investigation and a tool to find the larger collective evidence than to assume that all said and done in the lie detection test is the absolute truth. Looking beyond the lines that are present and seeking the fine threads that pose the question of the truth and the lies is the grey that has to assessed because there is more than what meets the eye.

The reactions to certain circumstances are taken into consideration in the lie detection test. The answers may well be yes or no but how the physiological changes take place while answering are kept on a tab and the readings are flashed on to the screen and recorded. The entire conversation is put on tape and produced without tampering for further research and find further conclusive evidence.


Written by Alice Walker