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Awesome Tips to Build a Good clash Royale Deck

Awesome Tips to Build a Good clash Royale Deck

Clash Royale is a fast-paced mobile game, which have been played by various online players from all over the world. The game involves you using certain troops and casting spells to bring down your opponent’s towers while preventing the opponent from destroying your tower. Each game typically lasts for around 2 minutes, which is why the game is very popular among professionals as well.

The game features 42 different cards out of which you can select only eight to battle with. This means that to win a battle you need to create a versatile, strong, and balanced deck. You need to be very careful while creating your decks and making some smart decisions while making your deck can help you in a great way in winning battles against your opponents.

Here are some things that you could consider when making a good Clash Royale Decks for your next battle:

Balance point and area damage cards

Point damage cards, like the Prince, Musketeer, andSpear Goblins, can deal with large amount of damage but to just one unit at a time.Which is why having one or two of them in your team deck is essential for defeating troops with higher health, like the Giant.On the other hand area damage troops, like the Bomber, Wizard, andValkyrie, wreak less damage with each attack, but they are capable of hitting multiple troops present in the same area.

Awesome Tips to Build a Good clash Royale Deck 1

This is why they are very useful while dealing with units that come in groups, like the skeleton army.Its recommended that you don’t forget about the spells, which exclusively damage a certain area. They’re easy and fast to deploy and can work at long range, making them perfect for dealing with groups that troops can’t get to. These spells, such as Arrows, Fireball, Rocket, and Zap, are also perfect for taking down a weakened crown tower from a distance. It could be exactly what you need to twist the battle to your favour.

Use range and melee troops

Units that work at a range generally have less health than other units, which means that thearchers will easily get defeatedin the massive hands of a Giant.However, deploying a ranged unit behind a melee unit with high HPwill ensure that the damage is maximum. Furthermore, this will also spread out your units, making an attacking team less susceptible to area attacks. There are other cards as well, which can be used in combination with one another to create deadly teams.

A good defence is regarded as a good offence

An all-offensive deck will be defeated easily if your opponent can counter your attacks and then attack your crown towers probably with no resistance.Defensive cards should have high health points, like the Giant or Prince, and should be reasonably cheap to deploy so you can use them in a flash when needed.Buildings are particularly good because they distract troops that the home in on buildings and can often attack both ground and aerial units.

Counter aerial attacks

If you don’t have a card that can attack aerial units, you’ll might be in a dangerous situation if your opponent pulls out a card like the Baby Dragon.You want some cards that can target and attack air troops.That includes the Archers, Spear Goblins,Musketeer, Minions, Witch, Baby Dragon,Minion Horde, Tesla, X-Bow,Wizard, and Inferno Tower.

These are some of the things that you need to consider to build a great Clash Royale Deck.

Written by Alice Walker