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Best corporate gifting ideas

Best corporate gifting ideas

Gifting is an essential element of any occasion. It a gesture conveying love and good wishes to the receiver. These days’ corporate gifting has become a quintessential trend. Though exchanging pleasantries was always part and parcel of the corporate world, with the passage of time gifting has taken over. Special events require the companies to follow the trend of corporate gifting. During New years and Diwali, almost all companies indulge in sending gifts to their associates, stakeholder, clients, and employees.

Corporate gifting has also become a unique way of promoting one’s company or products. Special articles are made in bulk for distribution all across the fraternity for their branding. It is a subtle way of Advertising.

If you are hunting for the best corporate gifts, here’s a list that can help you:

fruit basket

  • Fruit basket

A corporate Fruit basket is one of the best gifts since it is as good as a dose of health. One can source fresh fruits from departmental stores and get them packed specially for the hamper with company logo and name. One can also push the envelope further by sourcing organic fruits from farms to delight the receivers.

  • Power Bank

Gadgets have emerged as brilliant gifting option for the corporate. The power bank is the device which has power stored in it. The power comes handy when the phone battery dies. One can simply attach the power bank with the phone via USB and get the phone running in few minutes. Since corporate work so much on Smartphone as well as travel extensively, nothing like a power bank!

  • Pen drives

Pen drives are yet again a popular and common gifting item for corporate professionals. Pen drives are small devices that come handy in carrying huge data in small space. Pen drives are used by everyone and hence make for the best gift.

  • Candles

If you are looking for a gift with functional usage along with the aesthetic appeal, candles are an amazing option. Candles are sophisticated gift article which are perfect for not only personal but also for corporate gifting. The candles in various shapes, size, and fragrance can be sourced in bulk from authentic candle shops and can be packed in attractive packaging with company logo and name.

  • Calendars

Almost all companies get their specific calendars printed in the New Year. They choose various themes and concepts and get the best calendar made which carves their distinct identity. These calendars can be distributed to clients, associates, employees and stakeholders.

  • Pen stand

Pen stand is a pre-requisite on the table of every professional. You can get a customized pen stand made in bulk for the corporate gifting purpose with company name or logo.

  • Gift Hampers

Gift hampers also make for a strong contender in the corporate gift options. If you are ready to spend a little more, you can opt for comprehensive gift hampers and get them delivered to the associates and employees on various occasions.

Corporate fruit delivery can be done with the help of online shops that specialize in corporate gifting services across any location in the city.

Written by Alice Walker