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Best Free logo Making Services

Best Free logo Making Services

Branding is something that every business needs to work on from day one. The more a business focus on becoming a brand the more sales your business can generate.

But becoming a brand is not a one day thing. It takes time and you have to work on many factors.

When it comes to become a brand there are few things that a brand should have even before its launch.

Logo is one of the most important things that businesses start working even before they launch themselves.

Logo is the icon, alphabet or mix of both which you see on various products. It helps you to recognize that the product is related to which brand.

There are many brands that use their name as logo but there are many that use some graphic or single alphabet as logo. But every business has its own logo.

If you are launching a new business that means you also needs a logo.


You can get a logo by hiring a designer and paying him few hundred dollars or you can create it yourself by using free online logo making tools.

Today I am going to share about the most popular free logo making services that will help you save money and get a beautifully designed logo for your business.

1) LogoJoy:

As the name suggest, Logojoy helps you make logo easily and in more fun way. Logojoy is a popular name in logo making industry. This online logo maker is filled with lot of options. You can easily create logo by typing name, adding color theme, using icons and font styles.

I would like to tell you that Logos of TechCrunch and Lifehacker has also been created by LogoJoy. Now you know that even big brands rely on logojoy for their Logo needs.

It is important to avail any chances you spot to associate your content and higher the perceptibility by increasing the brand recognition. This includes visual decisions, like logo making and website design.

2) Ucraft:

Ucraft also offer popular logo making tool. It is free. It also offers free website templates, cloud hosting and more. You can easily customize colors, fonts and icons to generate logo for your business. Till now over 2k icons are generated using Ucraft. You can easily download Png file of your logo.

3) Designmantic:

Designmatic is also a free logo generator. You can easily create a free logo for your business using various combinations of colors, font styles and logo styles. It also offers you to choose from 30+ categories. Select the type of logo you want and you can customize it.

It is a free logo making tool, but you have to pay a fee to download high resolution vector file.

4) Logaster:

If you want to easily create logo and check multiple variations of your logo design then Logaster is for you. It is a time saving tool. It is absolutely free design that offers free small sized logo downloads. To download high resolution you need to pay a fee.

These are the best free logo making services that I have used till now. It is really easy to create logo using these tools.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

Written by Alice Walker