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Best IPhone Tracking Apps

Best IPhone Tracking Apps

Since past decade, we have stepped into the era of digitalization. Most of us store our precious information on phones and computers and companies make use of computers and phones for work.Companies have policies of confidentiality and an employee is not allowed to use the official data or store it personally. But it is challenging to keep a track of what is where and who misuses information.

Data theft has become a prominent problem with growing inclination towards digital storage.Handling valuable information comes with the burden of guarding it. This being said, it has become very important to make sure your data is safe.

Another growing concern is that children recently have been given the autonomy and exposure to technology. Doubting children or hovering over their heads wouldn’t be as helping. So it would be great for parents to keep a check on what these young minds are up to when they use phones.

To justify these concerns, lists out some of the best softwares that have been designed for your iPhone to take away the worry of becoming a victim to data theft.

  1. MSpy

MSpy has been rated as the best software for iPhones for its easy compatibility with all IOS, android, and windows phones. It is compatible with all the versions of IOS for non-jail broken devices as well as IOS 6 to 8.4 and 9.0.2 for jail broken ones. MSpy comes for both phones and computers. It tracks GPS location, calendar updates, mails, web history, and a lot more activities. It also allows controlling apps and programs.


  1. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Symbian. It is undetectable and once installed, taps activity of the target device. One can view text messages, call logs, photos, GPS location, websites that are visited and much more. All of the mentioned activities are stored in a private online account. It comes for $49.97 for three months.

  1. MobileSpy

MobileSpy is popular among users as, in addition to iPhone and Blackberry, it is compatible with android phones with android version 3.0 or older. This software requires the person operating the target device to be notified of their device being monitored. It offers a live control panel using which one can view the target phone’s screen in real time.

It also comes with the feature of ‘keylogger’ which enables viewing the key strokes typed on the target phone. Besides this, it offers recording activities similar to the other softwares.

Apart from the three softwares that have been mentioned, there are plenty of other free apps. But these free apps come with a lot of limitations in accessibility. The premium paid apps also provide a demo before being paid for. It is always suggested to first use the demo version and check all the features to make sure you are investing wisely. Once the demo works well for you, you can go for the premium version of the software or app.

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Written by Alice Walker