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Big data management, machine learning, predictive analysis and AI are all parts of Salesforce clouds

Big data management, machine learning, predictive analysis and AI are all parts of Salesforce clouds

Guesses and intuitions are rarely enough for making profitable business decisions. The entrepreneurs need to base their business decisions on huge loads of data from the marketing spheres, from customer databases and the analytics team. This calls for a platform or an agent, who can streamline the data and bring every actionable piece to the company decision makers at the right time. The presence of powerful toolset and software allow the assessment of the big data. Experts refer to this as Business Intelligence.

The introduction of Salesforce AI for all users

Several entrepreneurial software platforms have brought forth the features that can leverage the powers of big data. Salesforce is one of the pioneering marketing software solution companies that have introduced artificial intelligence or AI to tackle the problem of big data management. Einstein is a Salesforce endeavor that aims at helping the software users serve their customers better. This new artificial intelligence or AI can extend its services to the Enterprise Cloud. It includes features like data collection, predictive analysis, deep learning and natural language processing at every stage of the CRM access.

Reiterations and overlapping data make machine learning perfect!

Machine learning within the Salesforce Sales Cloud will be able to pull relevant data from the data lakes and power the predictive lead scoring. This is a new feature that can analyze all the data about certain specific leads. The user can customize these fields to analyze behavioral activity from the leads and the data of performance from the sales representatives. This is a constant self-learning and self-improving model. It can learn from all kinds of signals each click, interaction, job title and emails generate. Visit to learn about all the factors and new signals that influence the machine learning and predictive analysis process of the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence feature.

Big data management,

How does the new Salesforce AI understand conversations?

Einstein will enable the Salesforce users to improve their business productivity by helping them provide prioritized responses to their customer service agents based on previous case histories and context. The latest AI has the power to “understand” the context of discussions and do not categorize dialogues using isolated keywords only. Einstein is capable of utilizing a plethora of data from Chatter, the social networking platform, calendar, email and other e-commerce means. The Salesforce AI also has access to the integrated IoT signals for gaining a wide range of varied data.

In conclusion

Salesforce is making it possible for entrepreneurs without detailed knowledge of modern age technology or complicated software interact with AI. AI proponents are still struggling to smoothen out the kinks of their design and facilitate their seamless integration into the customer-facing apps. The leading CRM company is enabling the integration of state of the art AI with simple business processes. Customer-facing applications can now sport AI elements like Einstein, and that is a leap even for the most advanced customer-centric companies like Amazon.

Written by Alice Walker