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BNW Acoustics TR-4: The Home Theater Revolution

BNW Acoustics TR-4: The Home Theater Revolution

Buying speakers are one of the most challenging things to do. Some people will just walk into an electronics store, hear a demo and walk out with a set of brand new speakers. Should it be that easy? The truth is, a home theater system is a good investment. Some really good set of speakers, with proper care, will last you for a very long time.

The key to finding the right home theater system may require a time of research, and some test driving before going for the dive. Good thing that this promise of sonic bliss is easy to achieve with BNW Acoustics HD Series Home Theater Systems. There is a list of powerful sound system package that you can choose from. One of the most popular to the customers is BNW ACOUSTICS TR-4 Home Theater System.

It’s All About That Bass.

This brand new BNW Acoustics TR-4 Home Theater system is one of the most promising products in the market today. Its total system output is at 1500 watt with gold plated connectors. It comes with a dual 6.5” bass subwoofer. Everybody needs a good subwoofer. This is where your real audio power comes from. That rumble you feel in your chest when your home theater is on? That’s bass.


Better Sound Effects with its 7.1 Channel Compatibility Feature.

One of the best features of this package is its 7.1 channel compatibility. If you are new to buying a home theater system, a 7.1 channel is the layman’s’ term for an eight-channel surround audio system most commonly used in home theater layouts. A 7.1 channel system divides the surround and real channel information into four channels. This will produce side sound effects directly to the left and right channels, and the rear sound effects are distributed to two additional back channels.

Hassle-free Music Playing.

With the BNW TR-4, you can play music directly through your Smart phones. With its MP3 and smartphone compatibility, you can now enjoy your favorite playlist with just a few clicks on your phone without going through all the hassle. Having a party? No worries! Download the latest music that your friends will enjoy, and you’re good to go!

Classy Design.

What is the color that suits and blends with anything? Black. The good thing about TR-4 aside from its HD compatibility is that, whether you situate it in one of the rooms in your home, or in the office, it fits perfectly. The BNW TR-4 Home Theater System comes in an elegant black finish that makes it look simple but classy.

Best Offer at the Best Price.

Most of us purchase products thinking we already got a good deal, but went home disappointed with the outcome. Some people say that buying a home theater system may cost you more than your car. Now, this might be true. Home theater system is a good investment. Make sure that what you purchase is worth its price. With BNW Acoustics TR-4, it’s at $1899, with a promise of a new surround sound experience, and will make your new purchase feel more than it’s worth.

Most of us enjoy watching a good movie. A trip to the theater just to watch the latest blockbuster is good, but why not make it better? With the new BNW TR-4 Home Theater System, you can now watch a movie right at your home while spending quality time with your family.

Written by Alice Walker