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Buying a refurbished phone

Buying a refurbished phone

There are many smartphones in the market as the present era is of this device only. However, one must note that in the smartphone world, the leading brand and device is Apple and its product iPhone. There are endless features these phones are provided with, and hence among the smartphone lovers, it is the preferred choice of almost every user.

Nowadays, everybody wants an iPhone. But these phones are very expensive and rarely go on sale. You can easily buy a refurbished or used iPhone if you want to save few hundred dollars. But there are certain things to be considered while buying such phone. Here are given some of the tips to buy a refurbished or a used phone

Buying a refurbished phone

  • The right carrier

Generally, all the iPhones starting with iPhone 5 are compatible with all the networks. However, it is important to know if the phone that you are planning to buy does support LTE or not. Ask the reseller for the model number of the phone and then check if it is compatible with your network or not.

  • It’s not stolen

This is a very important point to be sure of. Always check the bill or visit cheap iPhone repair Auckland. There you can check IMEI and MEID number of your phone and know the required details of your phone.

  • Check for damages

It is really normal if the phone will have small scratches or dings on the edges or the sides. But prominent cracks on the phone can cause problems in the functioning of the phone as the 3D touch sensor may not work properly. Make sure to check your phone for water damage. You can even visit an authorized iPhone repair shop where you can know the status of your phone.

  • Price and assess features

It is important to know what features you are sacrificing when buying a used iPhone. Most probably, you are buying one generation behind the phone. And that is a real penny saver option. But always check if you are getting the latest features or not.

  • Check the Battery

The battery cannot be replaced in an iPhone. So, make use the battery life of the phone that you are buying is decent. A less used phone has a good battery life whereas a year or older phone needs frequent charging. Ask the seller about the details about battery life.

  • Right Storage Capacity

Used iPhones are not the latest models and may have a low storage capacity. The top-up models offer a storage capacity of 256GB, and that is a lot. Some models have 16 GB or 32 GB space and are available at lower price. Make sure to buy as much storage as you can.

  • If possible, Get a Warranty

If, you can buy a refurbished phone under warranty or even an extended warranty, then buy it. It is a really worth even some extra penny as you will be saved from repair troubles in the future and will be able to use the best device at lowest cost.

Written by Alice Walker