5 Common Challenges That Amazon Sellers Face

Being the current boss when talking about eCommerce platform, Amazon’s progressive revenue and policies do attract a lot of sellers worldwide. Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world 4th most valuable public company in the world. These statuses and other eminent labels are just enough to magnetise global sellers, manufacturers, distributors and customers as […]

Increase Efficiency of Invoice Processing in Dynamics AX

For any successful business such as Dynamics AX, it is important to ensure that your invoice processing is working and efficient. A competent invoice processing helps in proper accounting and cash flow for business, which is why it is an important component in all departments and sizes. However, invoice processing is generally a manual process […]

4 Ways on How to Deal with Online Bullies

The Internet is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – technological breakthrough ever made. Not only does it allow us to access information from anywhere with a click of a button, but it also lets us get in touch with people all over the world in a mere instant. Unfortunately, just like […]

How Solar Water Heater Works?

Solar water heating systems comprises of storage tanks and solar collectors. Solar water heaters use the sun to heat either water or a heat-transfer fluid in the collector. Most solar water heaters need a well-covered storage tank. The tank can be a remodelled standard water heater, but it is generally larger and very well covered. […]

Best corporate gifting ideas

Gifting is an essential element of any occasion. It a gesture conveying love and good wishes to the receiver. These days’ corporate gifting has become a quintessential trend. Though exchanging pleasantries was always part and parcel of the corporate world, with the passage of time gifting has taken over. Special events require the companies to […]