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Check any electronic device with due care and only with safe equipment

Check any electronic device with due care and only with safe equipment

If you are wondering why the light is not working when the bulb looks fine, only a multimeter will be able to help you finding out the problem and ultimately the solution. This equipment is able to test the electrical circuit resistance or its continuity. Earlier, this instrument was limited to be used only by the engineers or electricians but now a days it is available at any electronic store. With due instructions, this can be used by a layman as well. With the development of digital one, it has become quite affordable as well.  The device is quite useful for finding out the basic faults about any electronic appliances

Precautions required during its use

The fact that this instrument is being used to check the resistance voltage and current which are the components of electricity, thus an extra precaution is required for its use. So while using it, make sure that the appliance is not connected to electricity or not in direct contact with electricity.

Types of equipment

There are known to be two types of this device. They are –

  1. Digital – In this one the test reading appears in numbers. This one is able to read some more kinds of energy. You can be able to have better input impedance for measuring any kind of voltage.
  2. Analogue – The reading displayed by a value with a needle on the scale. This type is quite old and can read only ohms, volts, and amps. Supply issue is also existing with this type.

Now a days, the digital one is well accepted by engineers as well as electricians. But before purchasing, considering few things will be good.


  1. Durable design

Durability is the most important factor for purchasing anything. The device should not be breakable by just slipping from your hand.

  1. Performance factor

The second thing is the performance of the device. The instrument should be able to measure the current or voltage accurately. If you are a professional then definitely go for a good one but if it is just for your own house repairing work, can be compromised on quality.

  1. Safety

As the device is meant to check the electrical equipment, the safety comes always first. So choose the one as per your requirement. Few of them are designed to measure high voltage while other are for measuring normal volt. So buy a safe one as per your job’s requirement.

At times it’s difficult to decide for purchasing multimeter if you are not aware of the above facts and may end up in the wrong deal which will not worth. If the instruction can be read and followed carefully, you will be able to proceed towards more detailed tests. Numbers of other tests can be performed with digital one, like alternating current(AC), direct current (DC) etc. If you are going to test batteries, then DC range will be preferable to find out whether these are depleted or charged enough.

Written by Alice Walker