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Comparing GoDaddy and HostGator Web Hosting

Comparing GoDaddy and HostGator Web Hosting

With the increased use of multimedia content like videos and photos, the appetite for more storage is pretty insatiable today. And that’s what makes the idea of unlimited storage so appealing to many website owners – many sites today need all the space they can get.

But, what really is unlimited storage in Web Hosting? If you are a blogger, there are facts about webhosting you need to know. In theory, unlimited storage refers to unlimited disk space; which implies that you can add as much content to your site as you possibly can.

In practice, however, unlimited storage means that you have a large amount of storage space at your disposal. And these are the details typically found in the fine print of the web host’s unlimited storage terms and conditions.

That aside, unlimited storage is an offer you should seek. Generally speaking, with this type of hosting, you will get an opportunity to create a large website, with lots of content pages and other space-consuming features without having to pay extra for it. You just have to be careful to remain within the limit caps the host has placed on unlimited storage use.

And to avoid running into such issues when paying for the unlimited storage, you have to understand your site’s needs. First of all, if you have a large site, you can expect that it will need quite a bit of space.

Otherwise, other things that can affect the amount of storage you need include the size of the files you intend to upload on the site. For instance, if your site consists of lots of video content, lots of space will be needed. Developer files and image files also tend to hog lots of space due to their quantity.

Having many email accounts, databases and pages on your site will also mean you need more space on your site. Also consider your site’s future storage needs.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is very important to a site; and you have to know how much of this resource your site needs as you pay for hosting services. But that is only possible once you understand what bandwidth means.

So, what is bandwidth? To put it simply, this is the amount of traffic and data your site can handle as the site, its users and the web interact with it. With a greater bandwidth, you can expect better networks, faster connections, and a more reliable site usage experience.

For instance, a small site with a few hundred visitors can offer a fast and smooth use experience with just 10 GB of bandwith while a bigger site with a few thousand visitors would be a pain to use under a similar bandwidth cap. Also, factors like site visitors, page sizes, and the number of pages the visitor sees can be used to determine the amount of bandwidth your site needs.

Save Money on HostGator and GoDaddy Shared Hosting Resources
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Written by Alice Walker