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Copper Strips – Uses Galore

Copper Strips – Uses Galore

The red, shiny metal, copper, has seen applications ranging from water plumbing in ancient Egypt to protecting construction structures from natural elements in today’s times. This versatile metal seemingly has no boundaries when it comes to being used in almost all applications in life. While copper wires are used in motors of electrically powered vehicles, strips are used in roofs, rain gutters, etc.

Lowdown on Copper Strips

Copper strips are used in industries such as electrical, plumbing, decorative art, interior designing, and more.

Any leading Copper Strip Manufacturer will let you know that copper strips are far more economical than any other electricity conductor. This is because copper is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity. In fact, dissipation of heat happens better with copper than it does with aluminum. Copper is a cost-effective metal and pays for its worth several times over in its lifetime, which is quite long due to it being a durable metal.

Copper Strip

Most copper strips are available in their pure metal form. However, they can be made from alloys too, if that’s what the demand of the customer is. Copper alloys are much stronger and have boosted resistance to corrosion. One such alloy is brass, which is created by mixing zinc with copper. Bronze is a popular copper alloy too which is made by adding tin to copper. This adds hardness and toughness to the metal.

Apart from these two, some other alloys can be made as well, such as copper-clad steel, cupro-nickel, and more.

The thickness and length of copper strips depend on the usage. Usually, copper strips are manufactured to the exact requirements of the customer. The term “Precision copper strip” came into existence because of this exact reason since copper strips are created to precision as according to the client’s demand.

Written by Alice Walker