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Creating Slow Motion Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Creating Slow Motion Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Slow motion effects are used regularly in movies and videos to add to the atmosphere or reveal actions and movements that may otherwise be too fast. It is especially common in action movies, but is also widely used in how-to guides and other videos where it may be necessary to show the actions that are being performed.

Most people tend to assume that creating slow motion videos is difficult and requires professional expertise. In some cases that may be true, but if you use Movavi Video Editor you’ll be able to create your very own slow motion videos quickly and easily.

To use Movavi Video Editor as a video slower you should start by launching it and selecting the ‘Create project in full feature mode’ option in the launch window. Next add the video that you want to slow by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting it.

When the video you selected is added to Movavi Video Editor it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ area near the bottom part of the interface. Click on the clip once to select it, then click on the ‘Clip Properties’ button (i.e. the ‘cogwheel’) above the ‘Timeline’ and adjust the ‘Speed’ slider to reduce the speed of your video.

As you will notice the ‘Speed’ slider can adjust your video’s speed by a percentage of its original, so you can set it at whatever you want. It may take a bit of experimentation to find a speed that is just right, but you can always preview the changes in Movavi Video Editor’s ‘Preview’ window as you do.

Bear in mind that when you slow down a video you will also be slowing down its audio track, which will cause the sound to be distorted. To rectify this issue you should mute the original audio track, then add the original video file again but this time drag it to the ‘Audio’ track so that it is placed below the first video. In this way you’ll be able to restore the original audio, but if you prefer you could just add a different audio track using Movavi Video Editor too.

While that is all that you need to know to create a slow motion video, you should try the other features in Movavi Video Editor as well. With them you could enhance the quality of videos, apply effects, add transitions, insert captions, and cut and join video segments to suit your needs.

All of Movavi Video Editor’s features are designed to be just as easy to use as its slow motion feature, so you aren’t likely to face any issue. In fact if you spend a few minutes and familiarize yourself with them, you’ll see that you can edit your video in the same way that professionals do – just without any difficulty.

Written by Alice Walker