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Download the Most Popular Game: The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is an extensive and varied life simulation with a variety of possibilities for own designs. The graphics have been improved. Above all faces can now be finer individualized. In the meantime, there are also witty situations in Sims veterans for laughs. If a character is just self-assured or energized he does not use the toilet anymore but can “meet his needs” with “How to master a champion”.

The Sims 4 – A game series for everyone:

The game invites to experiment but also requires long-term planning. Children are given a playful way of how it feels to manage a household and to cope with both the needs and desires of the Sims. Clichés are largely dispensed with the characteristics of women and men are the same and homosexuality is implemented. The Sims drifts in the fourth part clearly more trickery. In some cases, the other characters have to be annoyed, shocked or laid to fulfill their own wishes but there is no raw violence. On the contrary, the Sims has become more human. Here empathy is required. After a negative discussion, they have the need to cry out under the duvet to get rid of other Sims or to give courage to the mirror. Nudity is still puzzled, sexual actions are stylized. The new series of this game Sims 4 now available on

For the beginners, this game has become more complex. There is an extensive arsenal of CVs with positive upgrades such as life extension or an interaction selection of up to 50 options. Interactions that would meet the wishes of the Sim or have a positive effect on the romantic relationship are framed in blue.


A negative aspect is an online constraint. Although you can share your self-created objects with others at the push of a button, the social media connection can lead to an increase in the playing time, especially in younger players. The Sims 4 has no defined end of the game anyway and therefore also any limited playing time. The meaning of the Origin account is questionable in a single-player simulation game, but there may be in-game purchases in the future, which would explain account binding.


Like its predecessors, the Sims 4 life simulation game provides long-term fun at the game’s chosen game. It opens up possibilities for designing figures, neighborhoods, and houses and lets the playful through the witty and chaotic everyday life of the Sims. Parents should talk with their children about the social media options. Due to the complexity, the game is playable from 10 years. Play with friends! Play the life! The Sims conquers social networks. Brand loyalty and low entry barriers ensure a high level of player participation in the online version of popular life simulation. In contrast to other titles of the series, The Sims Social is not suitable for under 16-year-olds. The game “The Sims” has been one of the best-known and most frequently performed life simulations for over 10 years with numerous references to the real life of the gamers. There is no compelling competition yet. Especially with girls “The Sims” is very popular. Download this amazing game now from

Written by Alice Walker