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Elo boosting in the league of legends

Elo boosting in the league of legends

Since the inception of league of legends ranking section, people have been into buying and selling of a service called elo boosting. Elo boosting is a great option for those who are stuck in the silver rank but you aim to reach the Gold. There are about hundreds of league of legends elo boosting sites that sell eco boost at low as well as extremely high prices.

Is elo boosting worth the effort?

Yes, it is worthy in many ways like:

  • One can experience how to play the high level elo league; as one gets to play against players who have skills that are higher than yours. This also helps in improving one’s own performance in the league of legends.
  • If you don’t have much to do but if you are sure that your real position is on the top then elo boosting is the best option.
  • An elo booster gives plenty of time to the players so that they can do other stuff in life.
  • It also helps in saving time; because it helps in reaching the goal that can take months and months within a few days. So there is no point of wasting months when the goal can be reached in a few days only.
  • The player can focus on other things and doesn’t have to spend hours and hours focusing on the game. This is quite beneficial as people tend to spend hours on just playing the game rather than doing anything constructive.

Elo boosting rules

Elo boosting in the league of legends

The league of legends elo boosting has a few rules that need to be followed while elo boosting for a higher division.

  • One cannot chat with anyone- It is not allowed to chat with anyone from your friend list or even respond to any sort of incoming messages. This is necessary to prevent the fact that you are boosting your own friends.
  • Banned accounts cannot boost- Before boosting a proper check is done of the potential booster to make sure that an account which has already been banned is not trying to boost.
  • Elo boost is done one division per day- Accounts that are below diamond 5 and have 16+ league points are boosted one division per day. This is done in order to avoid fast completion of the orders that are received.

Punishment for boosting

In case one is found doing elo boosting then that person is subject to punishments like:

  • Two week account suspension from the league of legends.
  • Removal of the prior earned ranked rewards.
  • An exclusion from receiving the current season’s ranked rewards.
  • If in case a person is found guilty the second time then that person will be permanently banned from the league of legends.

In a way elo boosting is considered to be a crime as it takes away the hard work, commitment and sweat from the players to earn a ranking themselves in the league of legends.

Written by Alice Walker