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Email Marketing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Email Marketing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Though we see the increasing use of social media and messaging, but email marketing is still considered to be an effective way to reach potential and existing customers. But if you want your mail to stand out of the box in inbox and be notice and not ignored then, avoid making the following email marketing mistakes.

Email marketing mistakes which should be avoided

  1. Not optimizing your emails for different platforms and mobile devices

Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc all display emails in a different way. The mails look different on mobile and different on desktops. Most marketing tools allow an individual to preview messages on different sized screens. It’s on marketers that while designing the email marketing mails, they design responsively and beautifully that it interests the people.

  1. Not using segmentation and personalization

It is considered a huge mistake to send a blank mail to your customers. Also, mail cannot be made as per each and every customer. The best thing to do is that you fragment and build your customer base.

  1. Focus only on promotion

Just don’t use email marketing platform as a sales tool but use it as a medium for engaging your customers and also building customer loyalty. To attain great results from email marketing services focus more on engaging your customers.

Email Marketing

  1. Don’t have a confusing, misleading or boring subject line

The subject line is the first thing a customer sees in their email inbox. It’s something which makes people think if they want to click on your email or not. Therefore, it’s considered important that one spends some time in crafting a subject line which helps in grabbing the readers’ attention. The saubject line should be very catchy.

  1. Embedding your message in an image

Don’t try putting all the information and text in an image. This might not interest the customer to read or even look at the image.

   6.Looking unprofessional

Whenever you mail, don’t make it look unprofessional. Use email marketing Platform in a professional way. Use more of templates, analytics, scheduling etc.

  1. Not having a call-to-action button.

The main point of an email is to get the user to go somewhere else, be it the opening  product page, booking an appointment, or scheduling a time to speak . Even if your mail is hort or long, a call-to-action button is must needed.

  1. Don’t use proofreading or double checking links

Sending out a newsletter with a grammatical error in the subject line is the worst mistake that can be done by anyone.

  1. Sending an email either too frequently or infrequently

You will find most businesses send a lot of emails to consumers. Sending too many mails does’nt make email marketing services powerful. Even if one sends a single informative mail in a month, that would do too.

For successful  email marketing services, the above mentioned mistakes should be avoided and it should be seen that you make the best use of email marketing Platform in the best possible way.

Written by Alice Walker