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Everything you need to Know about Internet Radio

Everything you need to Know about Internet Radio

Rapid advancement in technology and coming up of internet has made our lives simpler and easier than we could ever have imagined. There is nothing today that cannot be managed at the instance of a single click. From watching your favourite movie to listening to a peppy number, internet has created wide access to multimedia content. Radio online streaming is also a technology that is now available to users and hence is referred to as Internet Radio.

Knowing what an online Radio is

It is either a live or a pre-recorded MP3 file that is broadcast with the help of a microphone through the internet. Internet radio does not restricts you to a particular geographical area to access radio, rather it can be heard from anywhere through internet connectivity. Online radio is not limited to just listening, in fact the new technology enables any individual with his own music collection to broadcast their own personal radio station sitting at the comfort of their homes. They just need the necessary equipment and access to internet connection.


Elements behind working of an Online Radio

The working of online radio is based upon three essential elements. The first requirement is the source which refers to the person involved in adding sound media like clips, mp3 files, music and live voices.

Another requirement is that of an online server which is responsible for mixing all the sounds so that it can be streamed all over the internet. The third and perhaps the most important element is the listener who will connect through the server and listen to what is being streamed online.

Advantages of Online Radio

Unlimited choice

Online radio comes with a choice and variety that people never had access through traditional radio. There is no dearth of options when it comes to listening to your favourite music genre. From peppy numbers to slow vintage clips you can access anything based on your preference. Streaming radio is an exciting medium for all music lovers out there.

Accessible Anywhere

Online streaming does not restrict to fixed geographical boundaries like the land based terrestrial radio is. What you need is a stable internet connection that will help you access an online radio station anywhere at the comfort of your surroundings.

Better Sound Quality

Conventional radio is susceptible to interference and environmental factors. A loss in signal strength due to extreme weather can severely hamper broadcasting and the sound that you ultimately hear. Moreover traditional radio signals undergo a huge compression to allow their easy transmission. On the other hand, online radio is comparatively less compressed and provides a better optimised sound quality similar to one you get through CD’s.

Minimal Equipment and Requirements

The concept of online radio began in late 20th century and since then the system requirements have remained the same. Any computer system with a running version of Windows, Linux or Mac can be used to connect to online radio. Nowadays there are various third party softwares that allow an easy interface to connect to live music streaming online.

Written by Alice Walker