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Everything You Want To Know About CMP And CMR Network Cables

Everything You Want To Know About CMP And CMR Network Cables

In contemporary times, the internet has offered a great amount of convenience. Every single work became easy with it. Eventually, it resulted in a speedy functionality. To make it better, all the new devices and gadgets are manufactured with an aim to deliver faster performance than ever before. Nonetheless, better networking is another dependable factor that affects the speed of the internet.

While striving to relish a sound quality of performance and speed, there should be an assurance from your side that you’re hiring right professionals to see cabling. If anything goes wrong during the construction, you’d have to face issues of the speed and performance of internet. For this purpose, it becomes indispensable for you to ensure right cables are used. Though it would be professionals who would look after cabling and construction, it is your duty to make sure that you’re getting latest and finest cables. Undoubtedly, it is not easy for the layperson to judge whether to opt for plenum 1000 ft Cat6 Ethernet cable or riser rated Cat5. For this purpose, you’d need to get acquainted with both the concepts before making choice for Local Area Network.

Here is the brief description of both CMP and CMR cables. Going through this information, it would be easy for you to make a comparison between the two and accordingly can pick the best one for you.

CMP Network Cables

CMP is an acronym for Communications Multipurpose Cable Plenum. As per the name suggests, it can be installed in the plenum space. It offers you an option to install it in any ‘air handling’ spaces.

The plenum is nothing but a space that facilitates air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems. For example, most of the large office buildings have space between the structural ceiling and the fake one. That space is termed as plenum and it is also found in the residential along with commercial.

The professionals prefer to install CMP in the buildings that have plenum space. This is because, these types of cables are slower to burn, emitting comparatively less smoke than other cables. Plenum cable comes with a jacket of either FEP (fluorinated ethylene polymer) or a flame retardant low-smoke PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

CMR Network Cables

CMR can be elaborated as Communications Multipurpose Cable Riser. It depicts that this type of cable is installed for ‘riser’ installation. In short, it would suit the best to install it vertically between the stories of a building. It runs in the non-plenum areas.

The main aim of riser rated cable is to be flame retardant enough that will prevent the exposure of fire from one story to another. However, the fire requirements on the CMR are not as strict as that of CMP. Due to this reason, plenum rated cable can be used as a substitute for riser rated cable but vice versa is not possible.

Wrapping Up

While Ethernet cables for networking are segregated into many categories, but aforementioned points are the major ones related to spacing. Considering the description of both the types i.e. CMP and CMR, it would be accessible for you to make a choice between the both. Whatever be your decision, just see to it that no compromise is made on the quality of cables. If you wish to have better assurance, you can consider placing a bulk order online from It can be the best source of reliability for you.

Written by Alice Walker