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Experience Rich Network Services With Huawei S12700 Switch

Experience Rich Network Services With Huawei S12700 Switch

Huawei S12700 switches are designed with advanced technology for next-generation campus networks. Huawei S12700 Switch features fully programmable switching architecture that allows us to get fast and flexible function customization.

 The core construction of the Huawei S12700 Switch supports for a smooth evolution to SDN (software-defined networking). In general, this switch uses Huawei ENP (Ethernet Network Processor) as well as offers native wireless access controller; it is the main key factor to building a wired and wireless converged network.

The S12700 switches runs  Huawei VRP (Versatile Routing Platform) that offer performance L2/L3 switching services through this use also experience rich network services including

  • Video conferencing
  • Hardware IPv6,
  • Desktop cloud etc

Overall, S12700 series designed to offers a variety of reliability technologies that also includes non-stop forwarding, software upgrade, ring network protection, CSS2 switch fabric hardware clustering.

 Of course, the advanced technologies allow users to experience improved productivity, maximize network operation time at the same time this will reduce the cost of ownership (TCO).Now we are going to find more information from Huawei S12700 document.


End-To-End Reliability Design:

Huawei S12700 switches features CSS2 technology that allows you to connects switches with switch fabric units hardware channels; it is the key factor that completely minimizes the following issues

  • Reduces transmission latency
  • Software failures,
  • Reduces the risk and problems of service interruption

CSS2 supports 1+N backup of MPUs; this improvement brings impressive features over traditional service port clustering. Moreover, transmission of data packets, as well as control packets are transmitted through the independent channels this factor highly help for preventing the cluster from splitting. Huawei S12700 switches are responds quickly to the topology changes due to this Huawei S12700 switches more reliable options for larger networks.

Benefits Of Huawei S12700 Switch:

Huawei S12700 Switches are super-flexible and designed for large-scale enterprise networks. Moreover, these switches consist of S12708,first of all, it provides 2 MPU slots as well as 4 SFU slots so it can be suitable for highly protective networks.

The fully-programmable ENP chip model enables rapid development, so it is very efficient for converged networks. The total switching capacity of the switch is about 37 Tbit/s; as well as the forwarding rate is 12,960 Mpps, so it is perfect for high-bandwidth applications. With the highly granular control, it can allow more than 65,536 users to use the same switch. Huawei S12700 Switches allows you to build a fully converged network that supports both wired and wireless communication. Moreover, Huawei S12700 Switch also ensures end-to-end performance at the same time it is also manageability for traditional IT, Huawei S12700 Switches offer endless benefits that include

  • Super-flexible core switch that helps for large-scale networks
  • Tbit/s wireless communications support
  • Integrated wired
  • Fully programmable switch
  • Supports over 24 x 100 GE ports/76 x 10 GE ports
  • Easy customization and smooth migration to SDN
  • High capacity
  • Granular control over applications
  • Agility for the enterprise

 The Native Wireless Access Controllers allows you to build a wireless network without AC hardware as well as the Tbit/s line speeds up the process, so it is perfect for high-bandwidth application. In addition to this, it will alleviate bottlenecks with the independent AC devices. These advanced features make Huawei S12700 Switches as the best choice for the switch access for the larger networks.

Written by Alice Walker