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Frequently Asked Questions about RAID Data Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions about RAID Data Recovery

Data storage systems represent more than a few gigabytes of data capacity, and more than just storage systems, they should be seen as assets that hold the essence of the company, which is the information. The most complex type of data recovery is undoubtedly the recovery of RAID, since in addition to the files can be in any of the units of the system, each of them can be from a different manufacturer, thus needing different care.

Knowing this, we answer to the main questions about RAID data recovery. Check out:

  1. Is it possible to recover data in RAID?

Yes. A successful RAID data recovery depends directly on the general system configuration, the type of defect (logical or physical). Look for data recovery professionals from best place.

  1. What are the chances of RAID data recovery?

In most cases, it is possible to recover data on RAID systems and possibility rate is above 85%. Be aware from fraudulent companies that claim to be experts!

  1. My RAID has stopped working. What could have happened?

Well, it’s difficult to answer this question. Some frequent problems are HD defect, corrupted OS, virus attack and other virtual threats.

  1. Is it necessary to send the entire RAID server for data recovery?

Each case is a case, but most of the time sending only the disks / HDs is enough. RAID systems are usually large equipment.

  1. How can I be sure that my information will be kept confidential?

Companies specializing in data recovery in RAID follow laws and codes of total privacy ethics regarding any and all data rescued.

  1. How much does a data recovery in RAID cost?

Each type of problem requires a type of procedure and the use of certain resources, as well as time and search for system type restoration.

  1. How long does recovery take?

Taking into consideration that RAID is the most complex storage system to recover, the time is relatively short, and can take an average of 1 to 5 days.

As we have seen, RAID data recovery is very complex and requires a high level of technical knowledge and experience, as well as an environment prepared for RAID operation. We, as raid data recovery new york city specialists, hope to have your questions answered and made available if you have a RAID problem and are looking for a partner to solve your problem. If this is your case, contact us.

Written by Alice Walker