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Gentle On Your Ears But Tough On Nosy Neighbors

Gentle On Your Ears But Tough On Nosy Neighbors

As the summer blood moon shines brightly in the starry night sky, some people feel like curling up on their sofas while the others want to shift shape. In other terms, they would simply like to make waves by kicking things up a notch. Or even show their neighbors who they really are!

Sounds from the other world

Can they hear those drum beats from afar? The rustling of those leaves? And all those other sounds that seem otherworldly? Well. That is the magic of 310 Audio! It can strike real fear in the hearts of those living next to you, make them want to quietly check out that sturdy body they can see from the corner of their fences, and even spread the word about you. Don’t worry! It’s all good. Someday, you will see them furtively watch you baring your teeth happily and for a good reason. You are a survivor! That is what you are. You have survived those nosy neighbors and many other types of people all these years. Now, you have also been able to show them the stuff you are made of.


Child of the wild ones

You are a child of the wild ones. Don’t expect to stop yourself from partying all night long but expect these sturdy objects to knock all your neighbors right out of their easy chairs. In fact, you can expect that and more from these beautiful outdoor party speakers that would bring out the party animal in you. So, plug in those audio jacks and bass boosters and get the party started. These sleek machines will help you interact with them through the few buttons they have fitted to them. They would be your neighbors’ envy but most definitely your pride. Show your wild side to the whole community in which you are living. Let them see that there is indeed more to you than meets the eye. A more vibrant you, who would change lives around you for the better!

It won’t fall on deaf ears

Even though you may realize that the 310 Audio is gentle on your ears, they are not going to do the same for your neighbors. Stealthy as the children of the night and yet attractive enough to make waves, these outdoor speakers will drive the point home that they are not meant to be played with. They will even change colors but their message will not fall on deaf ears. So, just set the right mood for your friends to join you and watch them join you. Ever heard of the phrase “wolves only howl at the full moon”? That is the effect you can have on your pack too with the beautiful full moon rising above your heads. Show everyone the power music can have on them, especially on the night of a blood moon. It is almost like a remote control for your minds. In fact, you would make you want to question some things you have always accepted throughout your life.

Written by Alice Walker