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Getting connected to the world

Getting connected to the world

Most companies nowadays usually require websites to get their brand out there. But really though, what’s the use of websites if you cannot place them on the internet for everyone to access? In order for you to place your website on the internet, you need a web host or web hosting services in order for people to view your website.

If your website isn’t hosted, even if you give out the link to your site, it can’t be opened since it is not connected to a server or host. These hosts are the ones that connect you to the internet and ultimately to people who you want to see your website. There are literally thousands of hosting sites around the world and TheGigabit is one of the most reliable and best web hosting malaysia has to offer to Asia.

The importance of going online

Websites are generally useless if they’re not hosted or stored in servers since people cannot reach the sites in the first place. Without these hosts or servers, your elaborately made website cannot be marketed properly. Web hosts are what connects you to people who want to view your site. In other words, web hosting is your gateway to the internet and to people who want to view your site. Web hosting is a great way to avoid that “error 404 website not found” alert.


Dedicated to Asia

Whenever you decide to have TheGigabit host your website, you are assured that your clients all over Asia will get the best reception, fast loading and overall convenience when viewing your site since TheGigabit has a dedicated server for Asia. This means that your site’s connection to Asia is optimized and that users all over Asia will hardly ever experience technical difficulties when viewing your site, optimum connectivity in all of Asia!

Customer (you) satisfaction guaranteed

When getting TheGigabit to host your website, you are assured that you will get all the tech support you will need if ever that need arises. Websites having or running into issues are quite a common thing and to have someone to troubleshoot the problem any time of day is very convenient. Why host anywhere else and risk your website going down and having potential visitors transfer to other competing websites when with TheGigabite, your concerns will be addressed immediately and efficiently to get your website back up as soon as possible.

Useful freebies

There are a lot of very useful freebies you can get when signing up with TheGigabite, most of these freebies include your website having its own dedicated email address, effective and efficient SEO programs to further progress your rank in the search engines as well as ultimately optimizing your site to give you the best connectivity not only in Asia but the entire world as well. Total world domination, one search engine at a time.

All in all, web hosting is one of the most important key factors when having a website. Making sure that you are getting hosted by a reputable and reliable company will increase the effectiveness of your website and lessen problems that may occur compared to getting free web hosting. Of course you have to pay, but it is a very reasonable and sound investment to make in the long run.

Written by Alice Walker