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Google’s Fred Update: Algorithm Changes and updates

Google’s Fred Update: Algorithm Changes and updates

This year has begun with power, especially when you think of updates or changes to the Google algorithm. According to SEO sources, it seems that there is a meaningful update to search has been launched. The update was called as “FRED”.

This update will give a wide scale severity and coverage to many websites. People have been working their best to understand what FRED is all about and why it’s causing some website’s rankings so hard. From last few weeks, this isokay to say this is a real algorithm change- Enter the Google Fred Update.

Latest changes to the Google algorithm

This update has aimed to resist the private blog networks (PBNs). You can find a number of list saying major updates in Google algorithm in different forums, SEO professionals, and many webmasters who uses PBNs and have visualize the hit of project by this update. However, it appears that Google has discovered something to detect them and profit value from the links that come from them.

The latest update of Google was related to pop-ups which are used to block content on mobile devices. Google wants to simplify the access to content on mobile devices and therefore it projected a way to fine those websites that have annoying pop-ups.

Who exactly is induced by this current update?

When you look in depth to those sites that have been hit by the latest update, there have been some correspondences that a many have in common. Most websites that are collected with a variety of blog-styled content on a number of different topics, and have not added any useful discussions or information to the topics of their content.

These websites uses the content only to make more profit and money, and uses some other forms of revenue generation or multiple affiliate links. These advertisements and links are difficult to judge from the rest of the content. We see many affiliate heavy websites who gained big hit in low time. These sites are definitely making money from SEO, but Google is not a very big fan of them!

Do you think only these affiliate type of websites are get effected by the Google Fred Update? While these do not report for all the sites caused by the Fred update, a majority of sites were hit the hardest. These websites saw a typical movement of 50 percent to 90 percent deteriorated traffic by organic search. And the other websites that has not balanced these trends may affected by some other algorithm updates.

More updates other than Google Fred

When the Google Fred algorithm update happened, some other algorithm also got unified. Each particular inclusion to the algorithm has a separate updates and goals that they are trying to accomplish.

By knowing all these, you can say that the Google Fred update is not a bad news for all. However, while Google extracts some aggressive SEO techniques, strategies, and tactics that aim only on search engines and not a human audience, this helps many websites who are using more friendly marketing techniques and strategies to fill the gaps.

Therefore, we all know that Google Fred here, many sites may see an increment in rankings and traffic.

Written by Alice Walker