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Harness the Full Potential of Seamless and Unified Communications Systems

Harness the Full Potential of Seamless and Unified Communications Systems

Unified communications can be interpreted in many ways.  The unified communications system is the term used to describe a business system or a communication system that includes a range of necessary applications and technologies. They are designed in such a way that all the technologies and applications in the system work together, and they are designed and sold as a single entity. That’s why they are named as unified.

The Unified communications systems enable integration of real time and interactive systems through the same interface. This model increases the efficiency of an application and is very user-friendly. This unified system can also be accessed in the same manner through different types of devices. The same user interface and experience is available through Unified communications across different types of media and different types of devices.

Unified communications is a term that first became popular in 1990’s. It was the time when technology started to combine and lines started to blur. In the first ever Unified communications systems, messaging and real time communications started to combine. Before unification, there were different numbers for phone, fax, and paging etc. In the unified systems, a single number could be used for all voicemail, fax, and paging. This system grew and grew to the point of unified communication today.

unified communications systems

The unified communications system is also called as an integrated communications system. This system helps us to avoid the problem of buying and managing several different communication technologies to exchange information. Any integrated communications systems should include the following:

  • Internet
  • Video streaming and communication
  • Internetworks
  • Mobile or wireless communication
  • Telephone
  • Email

The integrated communications systems should provide the following basic support

  • software
  • hardware
  • network

The integrated communications systems help to optimize business process. Often people misunderstand the unified communications systems to be a single product. It is important to understand that it is a collection of a number of products according to the needs of the business. This set of products work consistently and provide a unified interface for the user across different types of media and devices.

The multiple elements within the integrated communications systems should be selected based on the requirements of the business. The integrated communications systems are being used everywhere today because it increases the efficiency and gives a competitive advantage. The use of the integrated communications systems have been proved to achieve the following

  • Efficiency of the work is increased
  • The cost overhead of maintaining different systems if reduced
  • The customer service is much better because of the availability of unified information
  • Mobility of the users is more and hence they are more efficient
  • More can be done with less
  • Helps to move beyond the basic functionality. It is easier to upgrade to new technology and business expansion becomes easy.

The competitive advantage that can be gained from using a unified communications system is very clear. This system is highly attractive to business of all sizes because of its enhanced functionality which is affordable and at the same time easy to manage.

Written by Alice Walker