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The software monitoring your smart phone of next generation is known as mobile spy. Nowadays people take too much of tension of their children at home and at office they worry about the employees whether they are using Internet in the right way or they are taking an advantage of technology. You can notify both children and the employee that they are been monitored. After this you can download the tamper-proof applications immediately into the phone you wish to observe them or which is totally in your knowledge and also becomes easy to keep an eye on daily basis. The tracker does not depend upon the log activities or message database. If supposing your employees or your children’s deletes the activities it would still appear in your login account. It automatically keeps on updating the system so that the customer can also take the advantage of new features. Also snapchat is widely used all over the world to share their images. In that way, there is a chance to take your images illegally. In order to protect your messages the snapchat vision may helps you greatly. This is similar to the spy application and this helps to retrieve or to protect the images if lost. There are many good features in this software that is very less found in other software.


Does this app really help?

It has features which allow one to peep in what the sender are sending without their knowledge. You can see the whole text messages, the recipient’s number, even see the logs of messages when the message is sent and when it is received. It is used for parents specially who are working and aren’t able to give much time to their children. You can even monitor on the call, how long the person was talking over the phone with the particular number? What he/ she dialed? How many times a person has dialed the number? Isn’t wonderful whether you are sitting at home or out you can still keep an eye and remove information about the particular person whom you want to know about? Now a day children are very curious they want to know each and everything before their age and get update and thanks to technology we can control these things. Technology has bigger contributions in making a thing happens so easy and so quick. Technology keeps on inventing things which not only surprise us but also it is very useful to us in many ways in day to day life. Life becomes simpler which the progress in technology. Our scientists are discovering new ways to be more developed and forward. When they have given the freedom of technology then why not take an advantage and use it in the good way and discover different things with it. Technology has invented the tracker applications which you can easily download and monitor the activities of your children of you are not physically present with your child. You will get the alert if you employee or child is doing something which is prohibited and inappropriate.


Written by Alice Walker