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How to A/B test social media to boost your online reputation

How to A/B test social media to boost your online reputation

Online reputation management is an important part of a company’s overall strategy. Since an increasing number of people are searching Google to find solutions to their problems, it should be a priority to know and take control of your online reputation.

Having social media profiles for your brand is a great step. This way customers will be able to interact with you, learn more about you and see just how well your online reputation is. Some companies often close their profiles after receiving negative reviews from customers, which is the worse course of action. Not only do you loose those extra results on search engines, but also you have now lost the ability to connect one on one with them.

There are so many sites out there for customers to leave reviews for all kinds of industries. Some of them only let you interact with the customers after paying a monthly fee. But social media has many other great uses. Since every industry is different, companies should know when is the best time to post and what to post gets most engagement among other things.


The best way to get to know your audience, what kind of posts they like and the best time to reach them is through A/B testing. It is a strategy that has been around for a long time even before the Internet. But with the use of computers and instant data, it is much easier to find out what is working and what isn’t.

A/B testing is just a way to isolate one variable in a campaign and see the response from it compared to other campaigns. This strategy helps your social media since you can really test for yourself what is working for you or not. There is a lot of different assumptions out there on what works best but you will never know if they work for your audience and your brand until you test it out.

You can, for example, know what kinds of videos work best such as a tweet with a video or a photo. If the one with a video did better, you can test further if longer or shorter video did better and so on.

There are so many other components to test such as the length of the post, the style, emojis, punctuation and so on. Even slightly modifying your tone of voice from casual to formal or vice versa will have an impact on engagement.

Written by Alice Walker