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How to build an app and how much does it cost

How to build an app and how much does it cost

How much does it cost to build an app?

Overview – why do you need an app

In recent years, the mobile applications market is growing rapidly. This happens due to the large profits that can the mobile applications bring to the owners (the creators of the Angry Birds game earned $ 1 billion on this mobile application!).

What are the advantages of the mobile application?
• Increases the availability and involvement of customers
• Improves brand awareness
• Lets to expand the market and get new customers

Modern people use mobile applications much more than websites. Therefore, the conversion of sales from mobile apps exceeds the conversion of commercial websites.

The process of app development

The cost of app development depends directly on several factors and the process of it development. The price is influenced by three main factors:

  • Functionality of the application. This is the most important factor that determines the cost. After all, the cost of a simple application (for example, an application for recording recipes) is much different from an interactive application, with online chat, which performs two tasks simultaneously.
  • The target audience. This is another very important factor. The targeted audience implies the users of Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. Thus, if you create an application only for Apple users, then its cost will be 4 times lower than the cost of developing the application for the devices supporting all the above operating systems.
  • Of course, the timing of the work significantly affects its cost. After all, if you want to get a mobile application in a week, then you need to pay extra for the urgency of work.


In order to understand what the cost of the application consists of, let’s consider the stages of its developing:

  1. Idea development
    2. Development of the functional
    3. Design development
    4. Going live

Once you have decided on the need to develop a mobile application for business, you need to take the first step and develop an idea, the concept of the application. After the idea and the concept have been formed, the software developers, as well as the architect programmers, start to work. At this stage, you need to inform them which features of your market can make the application more convenient and functional for customers.
The design development stage is quite extensive, and includes the design and coding, so a whole team of people works here.

It is obvious that the more people work on developing a mobile application, the more it costs to build an app. You can hire a freelancer, which at a low price can develop the simplest application. However, if you need to develop a high-quality and multi functional application, then you should use a specialized company, where this work is carried out by a full staff. Thus, the company WOXAPP offers customers a full range of services for the development of mobile applications. The company’s stuff performs qualified work at all stages of the application development.

Cost of app development

Work on developing mobile applications is paid hourly, and each stage requires a different number of hours of work. The number of hours depends on the complexity of the application and can reach 2,500 hours. The cost to develop an app also depends on the country in which you order the development. Depending on the country, the price of 1 hour of the specialist’s work can vary from $ 20 to $ 250.


Written by Alice Walker