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How To Download YouTube Videos Instantly And Watch Them Offline

How To Download YouTube Videos Instantly And Watch Them Offline

Videos have captured the online world like never before. Any website you visit, you will always encounter videos first. Videos are the best medium to get the message across easily. Even social media platforms are full of videos on every profile and soon they will be more videos than photos. The psychology behind the popularity of videos is that human mind always gets attracted to animate objects. With the uprising in the speed of internet worldwide, watching videos has become one of the favorite activities on the internet. There are so many platforms available where anyone can watch and even share videos for others to watch. Among all those platforms, YouTube stands out with the largest video collections. Hundreds of thousands of videos channels are there on YouTube and billions of users watch videos every day. If you have the habit of watching a video many times or if there is an important video that you would like to watch without an internet connection, you need to download videos from YouTube.


Why Do People Need To Download YouTube Videos?

There are several scenarios where you have to download videos from YouTube and hence, it is better to know how to download YouTube video because you may need it and YouTube does not provide any option to do so directly. Here are some valid reasons why people download YouTube videos.

You can watch the download videos anytime without internet.

You can watch the videos as many times as you watch without consuming any internet data. Buffering and streaming a video consume an equal amount of data as data consumed in downloading it.

If the video is important, you can download it and store it for future reference.

You can watch the downloaded video on the go and especially, in places where internet coverage is poor such as in the airplane.

You can use the downloaded video in your presentation by embedding it.

You may want to extract a part of the video and use it in your video or just upload in GIF form on your social media platform for fun.

How To Download YouTube Video?

Downloading YouTube video is a very easy process, and there are several web platforms and software available like which makes the process fastest. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the video and paste it in the software. You can download multiple videos at a time. It provides options to select the resolution and file format in which you want to save it to your hard drive.

There is one exclusive feature that makes the reason for downloading a long video stronger. You can download a video without any irritating advertisement segments with the Pro version for which you have to pay only a small lifetime fee.

Watching that long video online would have shown so many irrelevant advertisements in the middle that you are sure to lose the fun of watching it. Furthermore, watching an HD quality video online would take so much time for buffering and streaming that your frustration will reach its peak.

So, adapt the new trend of downloading YouTube and enjoy unlimited videos peacefully whenever you want to.

Written by Alice Walker