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How to Rapidly Scale Up Your Small Business

How to Rapidly Scale Up Your Small Business

If you are running a small business, you are likely trying to expand it even further. There are ways to grow your business that are long-term and sustainable, but if you’ve been in the business for awhile, you know how rapidly things can change. You don’t know specifically how each ad campaign or targeting procedure will work. For example, if you run an ad campaign that you think will work well, you might assume that it will produce good results. If you plan ahead properly, you can get enough employees hired and enough supplies ordered to handle any surge in business.

However, if you did not plan properly, you might be improperly staffed. If you planned for a big surge in business that never materialised, you might end up losing money on all the supplies and employees. If you planned for a smaller surge than materialised, you might not have enough supplies or employees to handle it. The best option is to scale in segments.

Scaling in Segments

If you want to rapidly scale your business, you need to do so in steps. Whether you’re trying to attract more clients or more potential employees, you need to start with a marketing campaign. You have to advertise your jobs the same way you advertise products: produce a campaign to make them look attractive and rewarding. You then have to be able to field questions and concerns as a result. After any quality ad campaign, there will be questions.


The telephone is a great way to reach customers or potential employees who have questions. So much of business is done over the Internet nowadays that many business owners neglect their telephone practices. Such neglect is inadvisable. Your telephone practices are important since many people still prefer to hear voices. Much of a business is still done over the phone. If you call a potential employer, you are much more likely to get a direct answer to your questions.

However, not every small business is equipped to handle a high volume of incoming calls. A company such as Message Direct can help you handle all of those incoming calls, which is the second step of scaling in parts.

Answering Phones

A telephone answering service is a simple proposition. You sign up with a company that hires professionals who will answer phones. You forward your phone calls to that number any time you are away from your business phone. Such instances could be when you are in a meeting for a few minutes or if you are going on holiday for several weeks. The professionals at the company will answer the phone as your business. They will take questions and messages which they then forward to you.

This is an integral part of scaling rapidly because you can essentially hire instantly. You can rapidly expand the public face of your business by simply forwarding your calls to professionals. If you choose a good company, you can pay only for the calls they take. Such a decision means that you don’t run the risk of hiring employees you don’t need. You also don’t run the risk of not having enough employees. Either situation represents a large loss of capital.

If you get a high volume of calls, you will likely be making more money, and the phone answering service will essentially pay for itself. It will also help with the third step of scaling rapidly, which is hiring more permanent employees.

Permanent Employees

If your ad campaign is successful and you begin seeing a surge in business, you will need more permanent employees to help you with your goods and services. Ironically, you will need a phone answering service for this type of push as well.

Potential employees will likely be very unimpressed if they call a potential employer and the phone call goes unanswered. In the globalised business world, there is no shortage of goods and services, which means there is no shortage of jobs. Depending on your business, you might have competitors from all over the world. For example, an internet business might not actually have physical requirements, which means employees will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Potential employees who are calling your business will sometimes have the option of taking any number of jobs. Just like selling a product, you will have a world of competitors. You need to be picking up your phone every time it rings because applicants might just choose your competitor if you don’t.


In some businesses, you need to be able to scale up and down rapidly, and to be able to do so repeatedly. A seasonal business, for example, would need to be able to change their business posture very quickly. Removalists have seasonal businesses; they need to be able to scale up their office during the summer and then pare it back down during the winter. The opposite is true of delivery businesses or anyone selling holiday gifts. They need to be able to handle a higher volume of calls during the Christmas season and then scale it back when there are fewer holidays.

These situations are all possible with the assistance of a message taking service. The message taking service will allow you to expand the size of your office instantly by simply forwarding your calls. Such service is great for a seasonal business as well as a business that is run by a small group of people.

If your business is truly a small business, you might need to forward your calls while you’re on holiday or doing other work. If you have a small team or a sole proprietorship that can’t handle the calls while you’re away, the message taking service can keep you in business while you relax.

Lastly, some businesses actually have daily surges in work. If you are selling online, you might have a surge when the markets open in some foreign country. Unless you plan to answer your phone all day and all night, you need someone handling such calls at odd hours.

Written by Alice Walker