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How to understand what is important for you in a phone

How to understand what is important for you in a phone

Once the old phone is dead it becomes a real adventure to buy a new one because you need to understand what to look for in a new device after years of using another one. This article will pay your attention to the most important points of choosing a new phone.
1. Variations of Hardware – First of all, you need to remember that every model of a smartphone is usually issued in multiple different versions.

As a rule, each of these variations bears a unique model number and can offer subtle uniqueness. According to the manufacturers, this is done to accommodate the different frequencies, cellular radio bands, and LTE networks which are used by different service providers and in different countries. But apart from this fact you can also find several different options of the same phone model to meet specific requirements of a customer.

2. Customization by the Carrier – Very frequently today various brands create customized model variants which are branded for a specific service provider. As a result several phones of the same manufacturer can bear the same brand name; however, scarcely resemble one another. For example, this is a case of iPhone which will have absolutely different variations for AT&T or TMobile. Moreover, if you 
check iPhone price for each of the models, it will also vary significantly.

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3. External Appearances – External difference of the same models or the close ones is also a huge factor and you need to know these differences. One of the most vivid examples can be iPhone. While iPhone 4 and 4s seem to be identical at the first glance, if looking at them more attentively you will see that there are very distinctive features which once you know about cannot be confused.

4. Unlocked – Most phones are locked to a specific carrier, unless sold from a dealer with a mark “factory unlocked” phone. Locked phones as a rule cannot be used in different from the activation country or on another company’s network. Even if with the help of hackers you unlock it, the phone will still be limited to the radio bands of its hardware, as a result you will be able to use it on carriers that support that band. So in terms of buying a used phone it is highly advised to purchase an unlocked smartphone that will be working with any carrier and in any country you need it to.

5. A Reasonable Price – There are several private online platforms that can help you to find a reasonable price for the device you have chosen. According to the specialists, it is very important to monitor the market and use something like Kijiji tool to check Samsung phones prices prior to any further steps in order to understand what you can expect. The easiest way to understand the reasonable price range for the chose model is to search through the recently “Sold Listings” at any of such websites. Check these listings and take notes of the average sale prices for the last month or even two weeks. In this way you will have the idea of the average price, the highest, and the lowest. As a result you will be able to negotiate the deal with the seller when the time comes having firm background and facts to prove your point.

Written by Alice Walker