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IBM Pricing and Deployment Tools

IBM Pricing and Deployment Tools

IBM cloud is designed for a better business experience and promotion. It equally eases the process of data management and storage. IBM Cloud Services also provides containers, sever-less computing, virtual servers, bare-metal servers and other compute resources.  End users can also access various network services, including firewalls, Virtual Private Network tunnel, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and even load balancer.  The storage space provided depends on the package preferred by the end user.  Be that as it may, the storage spaces are available for cloud data, file storage, block storage and object storage. The Cloud Service is well monitored and managed by IBM; the company equally offers reliable security and firewall to ensure that only the authorized end user can access stored data

The deployment tools

Currently, IBM Cloud Services feature various deployment tools, which are highlighted below:

  • Public: This IBM deployment tool provides easy access to virtual servers and works best in a multi-tenant environment. As an enterprise, you can decide to deploy your application in one or several geographical regions of your liking.
  • Dedicated: On the other hand, this deployment tool works best in a single-tenant private cloud environment.  It is hosted in one of the IBM data centers for a private cloud service.  The company can decide to get connected to the environment with the aid of a virtual private network (VPN) or a direct network connection. After connection, the platform is fully managed by IBM.
  • IBM Cloud Private: This is a version of IBM deployment tool that can be deployed as a private cloud by an organization in its own data center well protected by a firewall.

The cost

The actual cost of IBM Cloud depends a great deal on the following factors:

  • Resource usage by the company
  • The company’s preferred deployment model
  • The amount or manner of support offered the company
  • And many other factors

Three different price models were offered by IBM as at 2017.  The end user can go for the Lite package, which is free and can give the company an access to 256 MB of Cloud Foundry memory.  The Lite package equally comes with 1 insurance per plan.

On the other hand, the Pay-as-you-go tier requires that the end user make payment for cloud resources as they are being used up.  This plan comes with 500MB run time. The container memory is also offered for free.

The third pricing plan in IBM Cloud Services is the Subscription tier and it comes with a monthly bill fixed at a particular amount.  This plan equally gives access to custom discounted prices.

If you do not know how to estimate the cost of the various packages listed above and how it applies to your company’s need, you can find help with the IBM Cloud pricing calculator.

Written by Alice Walker