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Increase Your Online Presence In 2017 With A Solid Marketing Plan

Increase Your Online Presence In 2017 With A Solid Marketing Plan

Every CEO out there wants to know what’s the best way to kick up a storm on the internet. If you’ve got this radical new idea or product, and you want to cash in on all that genius, in 2017, you’ve got to go online. And the most sound-option you have, if you’re in such a position, is a solid marketing plan, that works online and otherwise.


Professional SEO services that crack the metaphorical hard nut of talking your customers into buying your product face is undergoing rapid shifts to accommodate evolving customer behaviour and search engine usability improvement. Marketing as an industry has undergone a lot of changes these last few decades in general, and as of 2017, online marketing will become a lot more challenging as we face an over-saturated medium with low barriers to entry. Your current average everyday digital marketing specialist has to be a veritable digital guru, juggling many hats all at once.

Competent digital marketers will be your lifeblood. The ability to utilize various forms of digital media seamlessly to tell your customers your story, the way you want it told, is what you need. This encompasses a core knowledge of solid, user-friendly SEO experience and paid ad strategies, since the most common way people check out what’s online is via a search engine. There is no other way to look for a needle in byte-haystack. Then there’s the omnipresent, social media. Basically social media and search marketing capitalize on two core realities. One is that we prefer acquaintances over random strangers, and two, the way we interact is a gateway to a lot of information about the way our minds work. A good digital marketing specialist will be able to use this kind of information to sell to the right crowds by aggressively using marketing data analytics to gain knowledge about consumer behaviour and using that knowledge to cement competitive advantage.


As we are in 2017, our digital team should also be actively focusing on 3 big new opportunities in the field of online marketing:

  • Mobile marketing in addition to desktop online marketing

Immersive content creation in place of static content creation

  • Native advertising in place of traditional display ads.

But digital marketing specialists can’t do it on their own. It doesn’t work that way. Every online marketer needs their strategy, creative & UI team to effectively tell your brand story and generate likeability for your brand. Most importantly, your website that is the foundation of all your online and offline marketing initiatives, needs to be optimized for conversion and mobile viewing.

 Cutting edge web technologies, such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and front-end technologies, such as angular .js could be the difference between a disastrous fiscal quarter return, and a company on it’s way to becoming the next big wig in town.

What this means, in plain-speak, is that if what your viewers see doesn’t entice them, they’ll simply look for something that will. The job of your web design team is to make sure what you’ve got out there online is so limitlessly seductive, that a potential customer can’t turn away. That’s the golden standard of UI and UX oriented web design, and the ideology behind the rise of Php from a hack-script to a marketing language. Libraries have a lot of information and data mining has changed the way professional SEO service providers do business. In some cases, this has led to a boom in offline real-live marketing. The way we design billboards today, is very different from the traditional advertising models of the past.

So clearly, selling yourself and your business online in 2017 is a lot easier and a lot more fun now. As long as you know what you’re doing. And avidly like change.

Written by Alice Walker