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Interactive Timelines Software to Simplify Everyday Task

Interactive Timelines Software to Simplify Everyday Task

Are you struggling to create impeccable timeline charts manually? Or, are you finding it difficult to navigate any ordinary office software such as MS Project or Visio, Excel, etc.? The right timeline software at this point will help you easily and quickly create timeline projects/charts. is one of the most recommended software solutions among others and serves as an instrumental choice for project planner, investigators and business professionals.


The Many Uses of Timeline Software

  • With the use of the software, you can build several timeline charts from a single source of data. This explains that application of the software will let you enter several task/event data once and procure various views of the same data as you may need. Display your timeline with multiple timeline formats such as Bar chart timeline, Gantt chart timeline, Chronology chart or Flag chart timeline.
  • You can add audio, images, video and hyperlinks to your timeline charts. Also, it is possible to create mobile-ready timelines. Also, you may include built-in audio recorder, text, forums, multiple-choice questions, etc. Multiple users can actually edit the timelines right at the same time.
  • The timescale option in one of the most significant features in the timeline software. This option allows business or professionals to select the measure of timescale as per the requirement of your business timeframes such as months, quarters, years, weeks days, seconds and minutes along with the standard “auto-date”.
  • You can share interactive timelines on social media. Remember, there are bountiful scopes for personalization such as themes, backgrounds, colors and background music.
  • Your business or profession may demand presentations that include chart. With the access of timeline software, you can get several chart themes to start with. Customize your chart as you want with every element available in the software. Thus, the software lets you produce a chart having the exact style that you want.
  • The built-in full-screen presentation mode combined with PowerPoint lets professionals to achieve a seamless presentation. Use features like zoom, scroll and step-through in the presentation mode and PowerPoint gives you enhanced scope to create the best timeline charts and presentation.
  • If you are managing a lot of data and you need to keep track of scheduled events or meetings, so it with the timeline software. There cannot be a better alternative to using a calendar to keeping track of several appointments or events in your business or profession. With the timeline software featuring “Date/Time” Display option, you can check what is scheduled for the first week/month of your project or what is planned in the second or third quarter of the business financial year. Aside from checking your calendar, this is the easiest way to present your timeline.
  • Make best use of the Timeline software by saving your prepared timeline charts in various modes such as HTML, PDF, or graphic file (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.). This helps you in simple printing, publishing and sharing.

Remember, interactive timeline software allows you to organize several information into a fine-tuned linear structure. Professionals like teachers can make absolute use of such timeline software available in the market to teach students with accurate timelines. Have access to the software and simplify your everyday tasks.


Written by Alice Walker