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IRCTC E-Wallet – An Easy Payment for Smoother Journey

IRCTC E-Wallet – An Easy Payment for Smoother Journey

The railway is one of the most important transportations in India to cover short and long distances. Be it, a vacation or a business tour, trains have been a reliable source of transportation for the individuals. While millions of people are traveling in trains on a regular basis, it is quite natural that Indian Government will definitely consider improving the whole system from booking tickets to the journey. We, here, will be discussing one of the significant steps taken by Indian Railways to help the passengers avoid the needless hassle of ticket booking.

Yes, digitalization has reflected on Indian Railway as well. One could book train tickets from the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) from a very long ago. But now, IRCTC is focusing on wrapping the payment procedure in a digital cover. That’s the reason we have been introduced to IRCTC e-wallet.

IRCTC e-wallet

The digital wallet is considered to be a life-saver for a number of reasons. Users used to face delays regarding ticket booking while making payments via bank account. The e-wallet of IRCTC has ended all the delay and let the busy users utilize the time wasted before. Furthermore, the malpractices done by the other e-wallet services while booking train tickets will not be entertained further with the help of IRCTC e-wallet. Let’s discover the benefits of the e-wallet provided by IRCTC.

Benefits of IRCTC e-wallet:

Hassle-free and Secure Payment

Earlier than the arrival of IRCTC e-wallet, users used to book train tickets through IRCTC websites or other e-wallet services. People needed to enter their bank details including credit/debit card number, CVV code to book train tickets, those possibilities of waiting are going with the e-wallet of IRCTC. On the other hand, the chances of malpractices done by other e-wallet services before IRCTC launched its own e-wallet have ended which makes the booking more secure than ever.

Less Dependency on Single Bank

The payment procedure in IRCTC’s official site requires a specific bank account which creates big problem sometimes. If you have transferred all your money from the bank to another, you can face difficulties while going to book a train ticket from IRCTC! On top of all, if you try to change the bank details in IRCTC’s official website, it can take lots of your valuable time. However, with the e-wallet, you pay through your wallet which is an easy process.

Save Payment Gateway Charges

IRCTC charges a certain amount from the bank account along with the price of per ticket for the payment gateway. It usually sticks to ₹10 + additional tax. When you use the e-wallet, you can save the money per ticket transaction. Suppose, you are arranging an office tour of 100 people, now think how much you can save using e-wallet. Do the math.


Above are the advantages you can enjoy with IRCTC e-wallet. But this was just a short introduction of the whole thing. If you want to know how to register or deposit money into e-wallet, you have to go through a step-by-step procedure explained on LayerPoint.

Written by Alice Walker