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Is it the Right Time to upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting?

Is it the Right Time to upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting?

It’s fair to say that many site owners opt for shared web hosting services. However, these businesses reach a point where they require better hosting environment to continue offering their audience a stellar browsing experience. While shared hosting is a great way of getting started, you may want to upgrade to better hosting plan if you aim for significant business growth.

The best time to switch to a dedicated hosting plan

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine the right time to execute the hosting switch plan. Note that not all websites have similar hosting requirements. Some sites may have more requirements than others depending on what the sites need. Here are four important signs that you should switch to dedicated server hosting services.

1. Your site has slow and intermittent performance

Probably your website was performing excellently at first, and now you have noticed that it has been sluggish lately. One of the effective ways to solve such issues is to switch to dedicated hosting services. If a site takes more than four seconds to load or is repeatedly hitting with an error page, you may consider switching to a dedicated hosting service for better site performance.

It’s worth noting that dedicated services offer faster site load speed, highly customized Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and great bandwidth. These servers also offer better storage than shared hosting. These are some of the resources required for better website performance.

servidor dedicado

2. The website traffic is steadily increasing

Is your site traffic growing at an increasing rate? That may require you to switch to a dedicated hosting to cushion your website against unanticipated traffic issues. One of the usual problems faced by sites is an awful error page whenever one or more posts go viral. Ensure that you pick a hosting plan that doesn’t restrict your site’s success in terms of traffic flow.

3.  You are managing multiple websites

If you are managing multiple sites, a shared hosting service is likely to fail you when it comes to accommodating a steady increase in the websites’ traffic. Therefore, you need to upgrade to dedicated hosting services if you manage over five sites. These servers offer you all the resources you need to manage several websites without compromising their performance. Note that dedicated hosting servers can allow you to host up to 50 sites without experiencing technical issues.

4. You are concerned about the security of your site

As long as you are working with a reputable hosting company, shared hosting is fairly secure. While no hosting platform is 100% secure, it’s wise to take all the necessary steps to ensure your site can’t be accessed by people with malicious intents. Therefore, as your website grows, it’s wise to opt for dedicated servers (servidor dedicado) to access better security features for your website’s security.

Even if your sites faces only one of the issues discussed, it’s wise to choose a dedicated hosting plan. Perhaps it’s the only thing you need to continue offering great services, offer excellent user experience to your site users, and enhance your site’s security.

Written by Alice Walker