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Is it Worth Upgrading to an ADSL2 Internet Service Provider?

Is it Worth Upgrading to an ADSL2 Internet Service Provider?

Most people do not realise it, but ADSL2 is a big step up from the standard ADSL service many have been using for many years. Granted, it is not the latest when it comes to internet connection technology; that distinction belongs to satellite and fibre optic technology which are both still limited regarding availability.

In any case, ADSL2 does offer better and more reliable broadband internet service compared to its predecessor. If you are still stuck with the old technology and not exactly pleased with the quality of service that you are getting, then you might want to consider making the upgrade which ought to improve your web experience a great deal. How is this so?

What is ADSL2?

Now ADSL is the acronym for what is called the “Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line” which is one of the earliest forms of internet connection available to the masses. It succeeded dial-up as the standard means by which people can get access to the Internet (at the time). The term asymmetric refers to the nature of the connection wherein the download rate is often much greater than the upload speed.

As years passed, ISPs like “Ipstar Broadband” began developing and offering a better way to achieve faster and more stable means of getting access to the Internet. Such efforts paved the way for the next generation of broadband connection – the ADSL2!

What makes the ADSL2 better than its predecessor?

The second generation of ADSL technology offers some advantages that make it a viable upgrade for anyone dissatisfied with the quality of service they are getting from their old broadband service. So what exactly are these benefits?

  • Quicker “sync” time (less than 10 seconds) which means faster and more stable access to the world wide web
  • ADSL has a longer data range and capable of stable connection regardless of the length of the telephone line from the exchange to the home receiver. The viable limit of the phone line is more or less 5,000 feet which are almost always of no concern as far as connection quality is concerned.
  • ADSL2 is more resistant to “noise” which refers to the line attenuation downstream/upstream and the noise margin downstream/upstream. These are all highly technical terms, but all you need to know is that with the old ADSL technology, signal quality decreases the further away you are from the exchange due to the higher attenuation. Such problems are less of a concern with the more recent ADSL2 technology.

If you must have the best broadband technology for your home internet, then you may want to consider getting the ADSL2+ connection which is the fastest variant of the ADSL internet. It may be available in your area so do not hesitate to ask your ISP about it.

 If you need to know more concerning the various types of broadband connection available for your home, you can check out websites like . Only then can you decide whether it is an upgrade worth having for your broadband Internet service.


Written by Alice Walker