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Is Keyword Ranking Still Important Factor to Consider Today?

Is Keyword Ranking Still Important Factor to Consider Today?

You may think that if there are myriad of ranking factors then why should one focus on keywords. This is because the way Google works is unknown. The only known fact is that Google algorithms change fast. This means if you obtain a top position for nice keywords then there is no guarantee of holding it. Obviously, you will try!

So, what will you do to reach on search engine’s first result page and stay there? What will you consider most —page speed, content quality, links or keywords?

Past and present

A decade ago, when you had to be concerned about cramming webpage with lots of keywords, which worked efficiently. Today, Google has become very smart. The factor that was considered and used widely has been categorized as a forbidden practice. Today, Google is learning ways to interpret human language and interpret it. Therefore, it has become vital to be more natural in creating our website content and use of keywords.

Relevance of keyword position

Keyword ranking help to optimize traffic and conversion breaks, when high quality content is created with niche concepts and phrases. Your content development technique can help to enhance your organic traffic and even generate qualified conversion.

What are the aspects for keyword optimization for top ranking in today’s SEO setting?

Keyword placement is still crucial in SEO landscape. Frequency is no longer vital. Repetitive keywords don’t work anymore but you will need to integrate long tail keywords in different SEO basics like –

  • URL
  • Page title
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image descriptions
  • Sub-headings

Main keyword density and LSI

Determining keyword density level is complex. There is no golden rule but different SEO experts possess different ideas but main keyword must not be more than 2%. With main keywords throw related terms called LSI keywords [Latent Semantic Indexing]. For example, if page includes works like red apple, baked apples, green apples, Fuji apples, eating apple, then these are LSI keywords that tell about the fruit apple. LSI keywords are related to main keywords.

Semantic keyword search is very essential

Long tail and short tail keywords have been used for past decade but semantic search is crucial today. ‘Semantics’ means to understand the meaning or interpretation of phrase or word. For example, if you type a single word ‘fan’ in search bar then the crawlers will not be able to know about the latest industrial fan reviews or information about your favorite football player or some information related to multiple uses of word ‘fan’. Therefore, you need a supportive language in your query like ‘industrial fan reviews’ and ‘Tim Cahill fan club’. This is where Google bots display their semantic indexing capabilities. Search engine will display results including this specific phrase.

Make sure that the LSI words are sprinkled across the article body. Make it sound relevant and natural. Several LSI keywords are synonyms of main keywords, which can be substituted for main keywords. There is no need to be concerned about keyword density because it has been swapped by semantic indexing.

Written by Alice Walker