VPS- Virtual Private Server is one of the most popular and widely used forms of hosting services that gained popularity recently. VPS offers a mixed feature of shared and dedicated server hosting solutions. https://www.hostzealot.com offers fast, scalable and fully manage VPS that is perfect for a web application. Before you opt for VPS, it is important to know how it works.

The basics of VPS

Virtual Private Server is a portion of a physical server. If you opt for VPS hosting solution, you will get an environment/ partition within a server which is customizable. You can make an alteration, reboot the server and make changes according to your needs. It works similar to a dedicated server but it’s on a shared range.

VPS – Pros

  • They are less expensive than dedicated hosting
  • Can hold multiple accounts and users in one server
  • It offers a lot of features that are not provided by the shared web hosting
  • VPS is highly secured and it has advanced encryptions
  • You can add and expand the server according to the needs and situations
  • It allows you to have your own server and you can also get help from others just like how you get it from shared hosting plans
  • VPS hosting plans are scalable
  • Get technical support
  • Access to roots, ability to use scripts and much more


VPS – Cons

  • They are cheaper in terms of functionalities and features but costly than shared web hosting plans. https://www.hostzealot.com/ offers shared hosting plans from $32.7 USD per month while VPS hosting might cost you about $79.99 USD per month.
  • At times, you can face lag times due to maximum allotted bandwidth. You need to work with the best Internet Service Provider
  • Needs regular maintenance. Security patches and system updates must be manually done.

Should you use VPS hosting?

Most of the business owners prefer VPS hosting as they can take control over the server and make amendments at the cheapest price. Those who cannot afford a dedicated server can work on VPS which is ideal to get started. VPS bridges the gap of shared hosting and dedicated hosting as they have complete control over the hosting environment.

Though you can come across a few minor technical glitches at times, VPS is evolving and it is one of the most preferred web hosting options today. Ensure your service provider offers you the necessary resources so that you can work on it efficiently.