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Is your child’s obsession with technology ruining their education?

Is your child’s obsession with technology ruining their education?

New research undertaken by My Voucher Codes has shown that three quarters of parents are worried about the effects that using phones, tablets and games console is having on their children; with the effect on education being a paramount concern.

Looking at the impact of mobile devices on youngsters a shocking 75% of parents admitted that they that technology has a negative effect on their child’s ability to concentrate during lessons. This concern was mirrored by teachers. My Voucher Codes were also interested to see how teachers felt the use of technology was effecting education and 23% of those surveyed, identified that their pupils were too tired to concentrate during lessons and blame for this lack of concentration is being placed on the heavy use of mobile devices.

Despite the advised amount of screen time for a child being advised as being limited, this research has shown that 75% of children spend between two and four hours a day starring at a screen, and only half of the 2,500 parents questions in this survey admitted to trying to curtail the amount of time their children are spending plugged in. More worryingly, a third of respondents admitted that they did not monitor their children’s activities online.


There are a number of top tips to help and reduce your child’s online:

  • Reduce your own screen time, children have a tendency to mimic their parents behaviour so if you reduce your screen time, your children will follow suit.
  • Set limits and enforce them. Explain to your child what the limits are, so that they understand what’s expected of them and know when it’s time for them to do something else.
  • Encourage them to engage offline and set time aside to play with your child.
  • Don’t allow laziness to dictate how long your child spends in front of a screen.
  • Removing TVs from bedrooms is a good way to provide your child with a screen free place.
  • Reclaim family meal times, and rather than sitting around watching TV use this time to discuss your day.

Written by Alice Walker