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Is Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy Future-Proof?

Is Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy Future-Proof?

Digital marketing campaigns are implemented in the long-term. Most marketers expect a relatively unchanged target audiences and demographics to absorb the branding messages. However, tech has other ideas. As technologies change and trends are formed, can your digital marketing campaign survive in such a landscape? Is it future-proof at least up to a year? Read below and ask yourself several questions to find out:

What is the Ultimate Goal of Your Marketing Plan?

The best way to really assess whether your digital marketing plan is going to be a success or not is to take a good look at the set goals. What is the end goal the campaign will accomplish? Will it be more social media shares or higher volumes of traffic to the website? If so, then your plan would most likely fail. For any small or medium-sized brand, the final goal of a marketing campaign should be increasing the number of conversions. Considering the amount of money the company is investing, it should be reflected back in increased sales. If this is not happening at the end of the campaign, then it would be a failure. To future-proof your marketing plan to ensure that it will be effective until the end of the year, update the final goals right now.

Is Video an Important Aspect of the Campaign’s Promotional Activities?

Among all the articles and advertisements your digital marketers are promoting, what place does video have in all it? Because if video is not on top of the priorities, then your marketing plan is certainly not prepared for future challenges. Video is the rising star of all promotional material. If your brand is not making videos, then it is losing customers to the competition. Video should be designed and optimised for the web, social media, and mobile platforms. The most cost-effective way to make promotional videos is to contact a content strategy agency locally and formulate a plan. An outside firm like WME Group would have the expertise and the personnel to make great videos with viral potential unlike your business (most likely).

Are SEO Tactics Up-to-Date?

When was the last time the digital marketing team updated its SEO tactic list? If it’s not the start of the year, then your business may be in for some surprises down the line. Google updated its algorithm several times the past year. Facebook has also made significant changes to the platform recently. So your company’s SEO plan should have been naturally updated. The age-old tactics like keyword stuffing and backlink building are gone. Now, the latest techniques include linkless backlinking and hyperlocal keywords. In addition, new technology has made non-text voice search a thing. Your digital marketing plan should definitely include voice SEO as well to stay on top of the competition.

Has Your Marketing Team Heard of AR and VR?

Virtual and augmented reality is not just another Silicone Valley obsession anymore. AR and VR tech is poised to be the next major breakthrough tech of the decade. AR has already shown its marketing potential with the Pokemon GO game that went viral in 2016. Already, companies are using AR and VR tech to advertising across various platforms. Therefore, your business should be researching AR and VR tech and how to advertise on various apps and networks that support these technologies. In the future, marketing using AR and VR would not be an option, but a necessity.

Ask yourself the above questions and note down genuine answers. If your company’s digital marketing plan is faltering in any manner, don’t wait to fix things and get ahead before it’s too late.

Written by Alice Walker